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Is there a special treat that you only have this time of year?

Asked by chyna (41454points) December 5th, 2011

Is there a certain food or drink that you make this time of year and only this time of year? Or maybe one that brings back memories of your childhood. Something that your mom or grandmother used to make? I make party mix and give big containers to my brothers to munch on during football games. I make fudge and it reminds me of my mom making cookies and candy during the holidays. What is your special treat for the holidays?

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It seems like this is the only time of year I am near a box of See’s Candy.
They are simply the best chocolate candies.

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Egg nog.

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My fruitcake. I suppose I could make it any time, but then it would lose some of that special oomph.

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Egg Nog. I love this stuff to death, and just stuff myself with it constantly when it’s around. It’s just too good. I think it should be sold all year round, too. But maybe I’d get sick of it if it was…but prolly not.

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My family goes up to my grandparents’ house to make Christmas cookies every year! We have used the same recipe since I was at least two, and I believe that the recipe has been in the family for longer than that.

We also celebrate Chanukah, and my Bubbe’s homemade latkes are like heaven in the form of delicious fried potatoes.

Lastly, I wait all year for Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, Swiss Miss hot chocolate, Andes Mints, and those white chocolate Hershey’s Kisses with the peppermint candy pieces in them. Yum. :)

Now I’m hungry!

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^Now I’m hungry, too!

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Oooooh, @Fly , you said “latkes”. I loooove latkes!

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Count me among the egg nog consumers.

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My mom has been making rum balls for Christmas since I was a baby. One year she used apricot brandy in place of the rum, so they are now brandy balls. I’m making my own batch this year because I just can’t get enough of them (especially since my sister usually snags the extras before we leave my parents house. we always fight over them)

Another treat my mom makes are yinglings. They are a mixture of peanuts, chow mein noodles and melted butterscotch chips. You place a spoonful of the mixture onto some wax paper and let them harden. This snack is so yummy! and another we all fight for :)

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I only eat pumpkin pie between Thanksgiving and Christmas, same with drinking Egg Nog, eating mashed potatoes, bread stuffing and fruit cakes.

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@SuperMouse Let’s form a cult.

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Christmas cake, mince pies, yule log, turkey (not that we have it on Christmas day now anyway).

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Yep…. Cookies, cookies and more cookies.
A Scandinavian Christmas is just not Christmas without at least a dozen different types of cookies.
Spritz are one of my favorite to make and eat. nom, nom, nom

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I love pomegranates. Haven’t had one for ages. Oh and dates. I tend to only eat them at Christmas time for some reason.

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Springerle. The best part of Christmas!

Also, we used to make real figgy puddings with suet and everything, but no one really likes them, so what’s the point? Hard to get suet at Whole Foods, anyway.

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Peppermint Bark

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I don’t make it, but a Chick-Fil-A candy cane shake…

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@fizzbanger that sounds really, really good plus it reminded me of another holiday treat – egg nog lattes!

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Recipes, guys, please. It all sounds so good.

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Old Baileys and its reasonable facsimiles.

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Every year at this time my dad stocks up on imported European chocolates.(These for example.) I’m talking 1–2 hundred dollars worth. We give some to family and friends though. He’s done this for years, it’s like, “oh, he’s bought the chocolates again this year…”. Eh, you can’t change some people.

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I used to work with this girl who made a chocolate bark that had pretzel pieces, dried cranberries, raisins and nuts on it – it was so good.

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