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Have you had your teeth professionally whitened?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6431points) December 6th, 2011

Have you had dental molds and trays made for you and then gone through the process of bleaching your teeth using their magic whitener in wearable trays?

If so, how long ago was this? Were you happy with your results and have you been able to keep up appearances?

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Yes, did it about 10 years ago. Teeth aren’t movie star white b ut better than they were. I have a lot of crowns now too so it is hard to tell how lasting the whitening was.

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You know ironically, teeth aren’t naturally white. They’re naturally an off yellow color.

White teeth are typically rather unhealthy in fact, as they tend to be without many of the minerals and nutrients that make them strong.

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I did do it a few years ago. What I didn’t know ahead of time is that in some people it can make your teeth really sensitive. I was in pain for two weeks afterward.

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No, but I use whitening toothpaste.

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Yes. I had dental trays made about 4 years ago and purchase a 30% bleaching paste from my dentist for $30 a tube, every 3–4 months. Works great and I have been very pleased with the results. I do two bleaching sessions a week apart after my cleanings, and then, about once a month after that. I have a very bright smile, but, not over the top fake. :-D

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Yes. I also had the dental trays made and used the gel from dentist twice over a period of 6 years. I no longer drink coffee so my teeth seem to stay the same acceptable color.

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Yes – I think tea and coffee drinking really have an impact on the whiteness of teeth.

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Yes, and I regret it to this day. I did it about 12 years ago. I had the fast brite thingy done. They do three treatments using gel and a blue light in one day. My teeth are permanently affected by it. I have sensitivity I never had before, and my teeth are fairly translucent at the bottoms, I am not sure if the lack of color is from the treatment or not, but the sensitivity definitely is.

I think the trays are fine, because you can do it for a few days, and then if you feel sensitive take time off from doing it.

The Crest white strips work, amd that is what I always recommend to people. It’s relatively cheap, effective, and convenient.

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Wow, that sucks! I chose the trays because I felt they were a good, middle of the road option. Less expensive than the laser, but more effective than the OTC products.

I do experience a little sensitivity the 1st time after my cleanings, but, otherwise no.

The only drawback is the bleaching solution loses it’s potency fairly quickly, even kept refrigerated. If I don;t use the whole tube within the first few months it fizzles out.

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@Coloma I have done a few things in my life medically, and I consider this medical, where I disregarded my paranoia and went ahead, and almost every time something goes wrong. It totally sucks!

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Yes, I did it for the first time this year. The wife of a coworker comes a few times a year to our stores and sets up her business, offering single whitenings or packages. I had no sensitivity or problems and was very happy with the many shades of whiter I got.

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Thanks for asking and answering this question. I’ve been curious about it for a while. I’ve seen jobs that look totally fake and overly white. Has the Crest strips system changed in the last 10 years? I tried it then, but it didn’t do much at all and was a nuisance.

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