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Does it bother you when people crack their back?

Asked by Allie (17526points) May 16th, 2008

I do this quite often and something happened yesterday that made me wonder if I was bugging other people around me. I was studying in Border’s and I was sitting in a chair between two strangers. I had been sitting for a while and felt like cracking my back.. so I did. The guy on my right just turned to me and said “Nice.” The woman on my left made a sound like she was disgusted. (Her noise actually made me giggle to myself a bit.) So does it bother you when people crack their back? Do you care?

(If it is annoying, then I’ll try to do it less often.)

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nope, I love cracking my neck, it freaks my mom out, she can’t stand it

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It doesn’t really. But for example, one of my roommates in college would crack his back, and you could hear each little pop in his back. That was sickening.

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Fingernails on a chalkboard. I hate it.

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The sound can make people cringe, so I don’t do it when others are around. My SO hates when I do it, but it does feel much better after I do! So I try to do it more discreetly, and maybe you should too.

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Any cracking drives me nuts. Knuckles make me jump; backs/necks make me feel a little queasy. Don’t know why.

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it bothers me when i see the crack of someone’s backside.

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Tell me how, please, to crack my back. I have lots of aches down there (L-4, L-5) and would like to try the technique.

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I like this method: Sit in a chair, twist as far as you can to your side, hold on to the back of the chair, and pull a bit farther until you hear some pops. Repeat on the other side.
This is most effective for me. =] Other people I know can do it just by twisting really fast, but I can’t do it that way.

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Oh, dear. In my case, pops would probably be lower discs herniating. But thanks anyway, Allie.

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One thing I miss about school is the school desks and their ability to pop my back better than anything else.

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I can’t do the twisting thing either. What I do is sit in a sturdy chair with a low back. I lean backwards against it, and the top of the chair forces my back to pop. I switch postions, sitting either taller or slouching a bit to hit different areas. I also hold onto the back of the chair at waist height. (Kind of looks like you have your hands on your hips)

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I’m a compulsive cracker (I can even do my metacarpal-hamate joints), so I lurve the sound of a good crack.

@gailcalled: Try getting a hard-foam pilates roller, lie down, place it sideways under your lower back (around sacrum, L4, L5) and roll back and forth.

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neck gets a speech from me.

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@andrew; does rolling back and forth on Milo count?

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No I love to crack also. (back, neck, hips, fingers, toes, & chest)

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doesn’t bother me one bit, and how rude of those people…shallow.

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