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Do any of you still use a VHS player? If so do you source out VHS from Goodwill and thrift shops? If you don't, what do you miss about VHS?

Asked by judochop (16104points) December 6th, 2011

We have a 13” T.V. with a built in VHS player that we sometimes watch in bed. My girlfriend and I source out VHS from thrift shops. I miss all the ad’s at the beginning of the movie. It gives you plenty of time to make popcorn and tea.

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I did up until about 6 months ago when it broke. We have lots of kids shows and movies on VHS that they still like.

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I have several VHS players only because I haven’t gotten rid of them. They sit on their little shelves, underneath the T.V.s, where they have always sat, collecting dust and pretty much doing nothing. They are still connected and operational as far as I know but I’m not sure I even remember how to work them.

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We have one in our bedroom that we rarely use, but every once in a while we want to watch one of the older movies that we already own on VHS and it comes in handy for that. My kids have a ton of kids movies on VHS (Disney and the like), and when they’re feeling nostalgic, they like to pop those in their old VHS player. Just recently, one of my girls picked up several VHS tapes at Goodwill for super cheap. She even replaced one of their old movies that wasn’t working right. She was thrilled. :)

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@augustlan some movies truly are just better on VHS and an older T.V.
We recently watched They Live and Them. Pure awesome.

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@judochop That would be great! I prefer The Quiet Man on VHS on the older TV, too. It just seems to ‘fit’ better, you know?

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@augustlan I totally understand. It’s like the way gingerbread smells on Christmas. It just, blends harmoniously.

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Now I want gingerbread, damn it.

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I don’t watch a lot of VHS myself but my kids do. Tom and Jerry is popular. Often I’ll buy them a film at a charity shop or car boot sale on VHS and if they like it, I’ll get it on DVD after. My littlest one watched the videos of The Land Before Time that belonged to my nephew, now 19. She’s a bit of stickler for doing things in the right order (I’ll make a librarian of her yet…) so I thought I would buy her the DVD box set for her birthday, since we had 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 only on video

I also think that for things like fitness videos – Jane Fonda’s Workout etc, getting these cheap on video is great, as you can get loads and not get bored with the same old routine

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I have a built in VCR in the TV in my bedroom. It’s easy to use because you just pop in the tape, no putting the TV on a certain channel or pressing any special buttons. I won’t replace the bedroom TV until it breaks due to the VCR. My daughter watches a lot of my tapes that are Disney movies and other kids’ movies.

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Nothing except that I can’t play my VHS’ on my DVD player.

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I got rid or my VHS player a few years ago. Donated it to an organization along with all the tapes.
I miss setting the time or trying to program it every friggin time the GD power went out!

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My daughter has a tv in her room with a built in VHS and I have a combination DVD/VHS player in my bedroom. We also have a large collection of VHS tapes, some we bought from Goodwill. Not too long ago a local Goodwill had the entire collection of Star Trek on VHS. what a find, eh?

Some of my favorites we still own and use are Our Gang, Charlie Brown, Strange Brew and a few workout videos I can’t find on DVD.

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I just watched Return of the Jedi yesterday. I can’t understand why anyone would get rid of this medium at this point. There are still so many good VHS tapes, and now for cheap.

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I have a VCR. I need it to connect the Digital box to the 30 year old television in the living room.

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I have some family movies (16 mm) from decades ago that I had transferred to VHS. So I keep the machine.

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I still have a VHS player, but I just transferred our wedding tape from VHS to some digital format. I did have a few problems with it, so I may need to tranfer it again, but otherwise I don’t think there is anything else on VHS that I really care about. We used to tape various TV shows, but those are all so old now and of little interest except perhaps to some weird nerd who lives in a basement fiddling with VHS all the time.

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I have a TV in the living room that plays both DVD and VCR. Also have a DVD player/recorder down in the family room that plays both. I have a cabinet downstairs full of my old VCR tapes that the kids remember from their childhood, and now they play them for their kids.

I guess we are the weird nerds who live in the basement fiddling with our VCR.

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I still have a VHS player. In fact, I have more video tapes than DVDs. My library has a book sale every so often. People donate old books and movies and all the proceeds help the library. Often people switching to DVDs will drop off all their old video cassettes and they’re sold for 50 cents a piece. It’s a bargain really, especially since our VHS players still work. Only problem is that sometimes the tape get stuck, but I either fix it or get a new one.

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I have a VHS recorder, but I can’t remember the last time I watched something or recorded a show off the air with it. DVDs are sooo much clearer and sound sooo much better! And DVRs are much easier to use for time-shifting broadcast TV (and just about every cable company gives you one free, anyway).

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I own two VCR’s, both in good working form. They are stored away though, but I keep them. There’s lots of VHS horror flicks that get all downgraded in DVD form, so I appreciate my VCR’s when I come across some treasure in a pawn shop that’s all original and not rated. Plus, my childhood was spent watching shit on VCR’s, so it feels awesome owning some that still work great, even if I barely use them.
I don’t make it a point to hunt out tapes, but I’ll always check em out if I see a stack in some store somewhere.

Someday though man, I WILL find the VHS version of Maximum Overdrive. FUCK the wussy ass edited DVD version. Pisses me off.

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I have 3 VHS players that do not work with my new televisions and Rubbermaid containers packed full of VHS tapes I refuse to part with. You know… just in case.

I just saw the relationship with my making my dad throw out all of his 8-tracks from the garage. It’s never coming back. Get over it, already.

Anybody want some VHS tapes?

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@Blueroses LOL. We never could have imagined it when we were young, could we? That we would get old one day and end up not entirely unlike our parents, those previous old folks, in so many ways.

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I’m not old! You take that back @lillycoyote ! How do you define “old”? Do we define our age by our technology? I recently discarded a bunch of boxes of 8-tracks and Super8 films and reel-to-reel tapes. Never coming back. Reluctantly discarded a lot of cassettes and I’m sure I’ll soon be ridding myself of CDs.

But. I did hold onto all my parent’s old vinyl records. That does come back, doesn’t it?

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I almost cried when my husband gave our collection of cassette tapes to his best friend. We had an awesome collection. :` (

I hid The Cure’s Standing on a Beach/Staring at the Sea: The Singles and Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking. They are safe in my pantie drawer. No one would look there, right?

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@Blueroses I will take it back. :-) Because I’m probably closer to your dad’s age than I am to yours. I never had 8 tracks but the were certainly still around and some of my friends had 8 track players in their cars. And good for holding onto the vinyl. Does it come back? I don’t know but there are still some people very much into vinyl and you can have mine when you pry them from my cold, dead hands. I still play my old records sometimes. It’s fun. But, I hardly even listen to CDs any more, sometimes in my car. I’ve got my iPhone and my mp3 now. But, you have no idea what an extraordinary think the Sony Walkman was when it first came out. For the first time, you could carry your music around with you in a handy little package that fit in your pocket. It was really a major, major thing.

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I do. Our VCR isn’t quite working anymore though. It’d been fine up until a few months ago. I’m actually looking for another one. I have so many VHS tapes that I’m not planning on buying the DVD version of, or some that simply don’t exist in DVD format. I don’t try too buy more VHS though because they are less convenient, though I still like them fine.

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I have several, but only actively use two at the moment. When something special comes on at the dame time as something I like, I will tape it to watch later. Not so much network shows anymore, because I can go to the network Web site and watch the replay. I think I buy more old movies, or movies I love, I found at the thrifts than DVDs. It is like finding an old treasure buried in the attic or something. Sometimes I watch them and reuse the video, other times I archive the video away to watch when my fiancée is visiting or loan to family.

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Addresses,people who are committed to VHS. I will either send collections or dumpsterize it. I’m clearing the useless out of my life.

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If we define age by technology, how about a guy who starts fires by rubbing sticks together?~

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