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Why do people constantly neglect to use their turn signals?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) May 16th, 2008

It is the most annoying thing in the world!

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Some conversation in there.

Edit :: And I’m not complaining that you didn’t search. I have only used the search field once here. I was just wanting you to know where to find instant gratification.

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This is rather annoying. It’s a flip of the finger people! And if you don’t use your turn signals someone just might flip you another finger.

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Dammit I feel ya!!!! It seems here in Southern California, is it illegal to use a turn signal.

or maybe it’s just to hard for people to move their hand 3 inches to the left, I dunno.

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simply to piss you off!

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It is just TOO hard, what with the cell in one hand and the latte in the other.

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Yeah that’s a law to in Cali too… If you are a pretty blond girl you MUST talk on the cell phone as you drive.

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Funny you should ask this because I was almost hit my a non-turn signaler today due to their lack of a turn signal. And it was very very annoying!! Then again I’m a turn signal in an empty parking lot type of duck. :-P

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They should be sent to Turn Signal School

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Get over it. Nobodys perfect. We should all give eachother a break! Stop being so uptight. Take your medicine. Take a nap. Eat lunch. Shake your fists at the sky. Honk your horn. Bite me.
I never trust peoples signals anyway. We are all guilty of it! What about the people who use turn signals too much, eh?
You ever complain about them? What about slow drivers, speeders, people who ride your butt? I love driving! Dont let it bother you so much!
me bitter? Nah

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good question by the way…..

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Once, someone did this in front of me in a very abrupt way (even swung the car a little to the right before going left). I almost hit him, but he was COMPLETELY oblivious (on cell phone). So I followed him to the next light, pulled up beside him, rolled down window…“Hey, nice car” – “Leather interior?” – “Smooth ride?” – “Did it come with turn signals?” – “THEN YOU MIGHT WANNA TRY USING THEM ONCE IN A WHILE!” Childish, I know, but I felt better.

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@cprevite Hey I am with you! Man that really gives me relief you guys are out there putting order where there is none.
@guesswho I agree with you that nobody is perfect, but they sure cause accidents though!! Just because we are not perfect it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel angry about it, and if something can be done to let somebody know of their misbehavior, why not!
@playthebanjo Did you forget something? What about the newspaper and the map when looking for directions? Even if you have a navigator is an attention deficit on the road, huh!
@simone5 Do you think it would help if car manufacturers come up with voice activated turn signals? I think that will do it, cos like banjo said ppl are too busy doing other things other than driving.

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I didn’t say don’t be angry. I’m just saying everyone has a right to be stupid.

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Laziness, distraction, lack of caring, self-absorbedness..

When I lived in WV, I used to joke that cars in WV were made without them… that’s how many people use them regularly. I don’t know.. I think some people are inherently more conscientious and thoughtful than others. If you use your brain, you’d realize it’s a lot safer for yourself and others to indicate where exactly you’re going…

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I think it’s just flat out being oblivious to the other drivers around them, they don’t let you know where they’re going but they’ll curse your name if you almost hit them . I realize people forget, but, it’s there for a reason and it’s not like there’s a lot of thought or effort to use the damn thing.

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