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Did Walt Disney ever voice an opinion on Hugh Hefner?

Asked by metadog (378points) December 8th, 2011

I was just watching a special on Hefner on TV, and was thinking that Walt and he actually had a lot in common, but existed at polar opposite ends of media. Did Walt ever discuss Hugh? Did he take a public stance against adult content? Curious.

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Lol. Sure wish I have a real answer! : )

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Hefner commented on Disney: “At first, the contrast was laughable: Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, accompanied by a bevy of bunnies, visiting Walt Disney World. But Thursday afternoon, it was one American icon paying homage to another – Walt Disney.

“It’s fascinating to see the impact of the global nature of the Disney phenomenon,” Hefner said. “It’s remarkable how universal the Playboy bunny is now – anywhere in the world.”

“What has never left me, quite frankly, is the boy himself,” Hefner said. “It is the connection to childhood. There are two ‘Happiest Places on Earth:’ One is Disney, and the other is the Playboy Mansion.”


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