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What do you think about the new Disney park reservation system?

Asked by JLeslie (65329points) April 16th, 2022 from iPhone

At Walt Disney World in Florida you have to buy a ticket for the parks and also reserve which park you want to go to on a certain day. Disney World has four parks, plus two water parks.

There are people during this busy spring break time who bought tickets, but cannot book a reservation for the park they want to go to on the day they want to go.

The reservation system is meant to prevent overcrowding in the parks (it still can be get very crowded) but is obviously frustrating for people who want to go last minute during a busy time of year, or who didn’t realize they need a reservation. There are warnings that you need a reservation when you buy a ticket.

If you are trying to coordinate an in-park restaurant reservation with a park reservation, that can be problematic, although if you buy a park hopper ticket, you can hop to a second park (or go go all three other parks, so not including water parks) after 2:00, and you don’t reserve that. You can’t just go to the desired park after 2:00, you have to check into the first park with the reservation first, which I think is annoying. I think why not go ahead and allow anyone with a ticket to go to any park after 2:00? I must be missing something. Except, this does force the person to pay extra for the hopper ticket. Maybe that’s why? I like to think Disney isn’t all bottom line. Ha. ~

Annual pass holders have different park quotas than someone buying a regular ticket.

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I don’t know and I haven’t been to WDW in about 7 years, but I do know, and I tell everyone, that Disney is full of ways to make money. They have so many ways to suck money out of people, and people are willing to pay it, and WDW makes it convenient (for example, Genie+ and Photo Pass). If, like you said, it forces people to pay the park hopper ticket, that’s probably it.

As it was, before this, the Disney parks required so much planning, it was not relaxing and just to plan used to be stressful. Now, forget it. I am not eager to go back any time soon.

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Nothing. I’ll never be a patron of anything that I know involves Disney. I have been that way for lots of years.

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@jca2 It does require a lot of research and planning if you want to see as much as possible, and if you have several things you really don’t want to miss. It doesn’t affect me much, because I live close by, and I am never trying to squish a lot into one day. Plus, I usually would not go during a very busy time of year. Some people just show up at the parks with no plans and don’t worry about it and don’t even know if they are missing something.

I like that the parks have a limit, because otherwise it would be a bigger mob scene. Even if they increase the admittance once the parks start booking, maybe it helps spread out how many in each park on a specific day. For instance, maybe Sunday was traditionally a huge day for Magic Kingdom, because people arrive on Saturday for the week, and the first park they go to on Sunday is MK. The reservation system would help spread people across all four parks more evenly. The problem is, if someone doesn’t read thoroughly that they need to reserve, and already bought tickets and now can’t get into any park at all, that is a vacation nightmare. Possibly, Disney does let them in when the person goes to guest services.

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I can’t say I’m interested in anything Disney. F that mouse for ruining Star Wars beyond repair.

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