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If you could have anyone record a message for your voicemail/answering machine who would it be?

Asked by YoKoolAid (2424points) December 10th, 2011

And what would you have them say?

*Feel free to resurrect any deceased individuals you may want to hire

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HAL 9000. But I’d want it to be a real AI, not just a pre-recorded message.

Of course, I’m not gonna make the mistake of letting Hal control my pod-bay doors. My pod-bay doors are gonna be locked by an old-fashioned mechanical key and opened with an ordinary handle.

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My own voice. haha People say that it’s soothing.

Or, Dolly Parton.

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I think my own voice is preferable. I can use the tone and inflection I want to project. If I had to use someone else’s voice I’d choose Mickey Mouse.

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Or maybe GLaDOS instead of HAL.

Likewise, GLaDOS won’t have any control over my supply of deadly neurotoxin or to re-arrange my walls.

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Stephen Hawking & i’d have the message read as follows…..
“In but a brief history of time your call shall be answered…...”

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Eminem for my house phone. The only calls we get there are sales calls and it would scare them away hearing him scream at them.

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Isaiah Mustafa from the Old Spice commercials. A voicemail generator with his voice can be found here.

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it’s a toss-up between Sean Connery and James Earl Jones.

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Morgan Freeman.
I would call myself just to hear him answer.:-)

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One of my best friends. She has my idealized female voice.

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Eric Braeden.

He plays Victor Newman on The Young & The Restless.

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James Earl Jones.

for several years, I had an imitation of him as Darth Vader demanding information on my answering machine.

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Big Bird
Bert and Ernie
The Three Stooges

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Karl Casell

And that would probably mean people identified me as smart and up to date with news.

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Captain Spaulding. It doesn’t matter what he would say, it would be epic as hell.

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