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How to disable safety mode in Youtube?

Asked by AshlynM (10578points) December 13th, 2011

I mistakenly turned safety mode on in Youtube, to see what it would do. Now I can’t turn it off. When I try and turn it off, it gives me the error message:

“Safety Mode is locked by __FZzNZ_txKN__
Safety Mode Lock prevents others from changing the Safety Mode setting on this browser. You must sign out and sign in as __FZzNZ_txKN__ to unlock.”

I don’t have a Youtube account with that user name. I don’t understand who this __FZzNZ_txKN__ person is. No one else uses my laptop besides me so I know no one else has created an account.

How do I fix this? This is preventing me from watching alot of videos that aren’t inappropriate at all.

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I always use Firefox but I don’t have this safety mode problem in Chrome, so I guess it’s browser specific? But I’d still like input on how to fix this problem in Firefox.

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Did you try clearing the cache and cookies and all?

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No, I hadn’t thought about it. I’ll try it.

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