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Why are my videos freezing?

Asked by bhec10 (6458points) August 20th, 2009

Every time I watch a video on YouTube (for instance) the image freezes for a few seconds before continuing again. This process happens about every 10 seconds until the video ends. While the image is frozen, the sound keeps working just fine.

If it helps I have an iMac, Version 10.5.8, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 1GB RAM and watch these videos on Firefox 3.5.2.

What are possible causes for this problem and what are ways to fix it?

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Flash for macs sucks. You might be running low on ram.

Or it could be your interne connection.

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First of all. Flash on OS X sucks ass. I get the same thing.

What I usually do is hit pause as soon as the video starts. Let it finish loading and then play it back.

And you really need to get more RAM. It is cheap and easy to install.

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The problem could be with your video card, but more likely it is with the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Your computer is displaying what it is getting from the net, the net is just not feeding you fast enough.

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Because you’ve set your thermostat too low. Make ‘em some hot cocoa and they’ll be fine.

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I use OS X and I never have problems with flash applications or youtube.

I think @PerryDolia ‘s answer sounds the most legitimate. Try restarting both firefox and your computer, try using safari, and try the internet somewhere else.

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Is it just watching movies thru the internet or does it occur with your normal player as well?

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@eambos My internet connection is fine.. I don’t have any other problems with it..
@johnpowell Yeah, I’m gonna get more RAM soon.
@mea05key Only with Firefox.

Thank you guys for your help so far!

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Try with other internet browser to see if it works

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OK.. I watched the same video on Safari, Opera and Camino and all of them froze like on Firefox!

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There was a recent lifehaker post about this.

The gist of it is, Firefox re-saves which tabs you have open every ten seconds or so, and that screws up flash. The fix is, apparently, editting your about:config file, specifically to reset the number of milliseconds between tab-noting refreshes to, say, 120000 (2 minutes).

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