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Tips on how to get Youtube views?

Asked by shniernan (986points) March 14th, 2011

Hi, I was wondering if any of you frequent video posters on Youtube have any tips on how to make something small (IE school project/home video) go viral.

See, I helped my friend out on this project we did and the class didn’t quite get the jokes/like it, as they are not as internet savvy as my friend and I. It already has 60+ or so views on youtube, but she feels really bad about the class not liking it. I’m thinking if it gets 100–500+ views she’ll feel better. So I thought I’d go around posting it somewhere or something to help people see it more. Any suggestions?

My main problem is that it’s based off of the boring, school-assigned book “Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, so most people won’t get the joke. Any way to send it to teachers/classes working with the same book? Or should I post it somewhere? Or what?

Thanks, just askin for some pointers, sort of new to youtube. And my friend is awesome. :D post away. Oh and if you want the link for reference/individual help please ask in comments below. Sorry for any confusion.

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Post it as a video response to a popular, related video.

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You can send me the link. If I like it I will post it on facebook. If you are on twitter, try sending the link to @penguinusa, or some book/reader blogs. There are a lot of them.

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Social networking is key. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social networking sites are always good for these things. Also, put your video as a response to a really popular video. If your videos are good and they provide a good laugh, or they leave an impact on someone, they will spread pretty quickly.

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Or don’t bother with that just copy/paste the link and hit enter Each will count as a full view.

I don’t get it though. How is this gonna make it better for her ? Do people nowadays live only for being popular having many visits or being the first one to post a reply and things like this ?
But it’s just me.

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Achieving Youtube fame is a slow process. It doesn’t happen overnight.Ever wonder how so many views happen so fast and how quickly a video is spread? Maybe this article will shed some light. Pretty sneaky if you ask me. I bet most people don’t know about this trick.

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