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What are some good holiday gift ideas for the elderly women receptionists at work?

Asked by jca (35976points) December 16th, 2011

I would like to spend about $10, maybe a bit more if necessary, just to get them something simple, more as a little thank you (I just started here, and they just started here). I have some baskets that were given to me, and I was thinking along the lines of some teas and mugs or baskets with some fancy soaps or something. Any ideas? Ideas don’t have to be limited to baskets, it could be anything in the price range of $10.

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I think tea and an nice mug wrapped in an attractive presentation is a wonderful idea.

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Smelly bath stuff is always nice…I love smelly bath stuff!

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Crackers and Cheese, maybe with small candy thrown in.

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Something perishable. When we get old we have to much “stuff.” A bouquet of flowers for her desk would be nice.

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Gift certificates for a local bakery?

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lotion for wrinkly ole skin :):)

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Tear page desk calendars such as Maxine, will keep them laughing all year long.

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