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What to buy him for our 5th anniversary?

Asked by Supacase (14523points) October 5th, 2009

I forgot! I have been so busy planning our daughter’s birthday party and getting her Halloween costume together that I forgot about getting him a gift. It isn’t until Friday, so I still have some time, but he is so difficult to buy for. I need ideas!

He still has gift cards that he got years ago, so that is out. He loves to watch football, but… neither of those things seem very anniversary-ish. Sentimental gifts are appreciated, but end up tucked in a drawer or gathering dust on the dresser. He has 4 or 5 watches, wears no jewelery.

This is our 5th anniversary, traditional gift is wood – but I’m not particular about that.

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Whats wrong with tickets to an upcoming football game?

” traditional gift is wood” ohhh i bet there will be plenty of that later on in the night ;)

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Sex coupon fetishes included

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The modern is silverware, but meh. Yes, a gift of an experience seems to be a good idea. Maybe a night out with a couple of his buds at a really cool sports bar/restaurant that you’ve paid for? Is there an ESPN Zone-type place where you live? Or certificates to Laser Tag or paintball or something like that?

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Make him a great surf and turf meal and then take him to a game. It’ll be romantic to him.

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Cook him a nice meal and maybe a cake.

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If he watches football at the stadium, maybe a comfortable stadium seat would be nice. At home, perhaps a refillable snack tray on wheels.

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What about an overnight trip for just the two of you? Doesn’t have to be far, could even be camping.

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men usually like gadgets- a fancy remote or computer equipment, a new phone

I like to give gifts of things to do together- couple’s massage, boat ride, tickets to the a game, a whale watch, comedy show, a short weekend cruise (there are great cheap deals out there)-

Is he a car guy?- there are speedways he can go race for the day, or motorcycle riding lessons

maybe a photo shoot of you & your baby

and you could throw in a 2×4 to keep up tradition

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@kellylet she should probably watch where she throws that 2×4, as that could cause a conscussion.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Lol! I guess then she wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the gift

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try for unique and inmexpensive gifts, I buy my male presies from them they are really good :)

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Not sure if your fella likes to use power tools, but Home Depot has a nice Dremel tool with accessories for $99. They’re used for grinding and drilling small objects made of wood and other materials for nifty little projects. You can see it here

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