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How can I make my ears pop without hurting my brain ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 16th, 2011

How do I pop my ears? I’m really sick right now and I went on a flight last night and my ears still have not popped… That was about 24 hours ago since I got home. How can I pop then and will it hurt? My friend told me to hold my nose and blow but it kind of hurts. Help !!

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Yawning works for me. Some people also swallow.
Don’t do that holding your nose and blowing thing. It hurts and I think it can cause damage.

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If the Eustachian tubes are swollen enough, you might not be able to equalize the pressure (“pop” your ears) completely even with a big yawn. Dry decongestants such as pseuodoephedrine or various antihistamines—really just about any name-brand “stuffy nose” remedy & don’t expect miracles.

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Try chewing some gum the chewing motion of your jaw sometimes helps, I wil also take the palm of my hand it use it as sort of a plunger and that will sometimes help as well.

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The way to pop your ears by holding our nose is damaging to the ear. I wouldn’t suggest it, unless it is the only way that works.

Some of the less painful and damaging ways include moving your jaw forward, yawning, and swallowing. Even though these may take a little bit of time to learn, they are well worth it if you can’t tolerate the pain of the first method, or you need to pop your ears often (like airplane pilots would need). I would recommend one of these methods to you.

The least painful/damaging way to pop your ears is to have voluntary control over your tensor veil palatini muscles. Divers and pilots often learn to do this, while some can do it naturally. This is learnable, but unless you need to pop your ears very often, it is not worth the time.

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I hold my nose and swallow, works every time, can’t tell you for sure it’s safe though (I’m pretty sure it’s not your brain you have to worry about though).

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