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My ribs hurt after a night out on the town, what could it be?

Asked by asmonet (21433points) May 11th, 2009

I went out to a bar on Saturday night (three nights ago), I was pretty much on the low end of drunk that night. Not enough to be an idiot, but definitely more than tipsy. When I woke up the next day my ribs hurt on the lower left side of my body and nowhere else.

The pain is similar to gas, but not as sharp, it’s more of a sharp ache. The area is about the size of my hand/palm and hurts mainly when I apply direct pressure, hunch over, stretch as far as I can backwards or lay on that area. Over the course of the night I suffered no trauma to the area and spent the night in a big fluffy bed, not on a floor. There is also some soreness between my shoulder blades, and it seems easier to ‘crack’ my back while stretching in that area which is normal when I’m sore somewhere.

I’m not particularly worried, as I remember something similar happening last year, but I am curious as to what it could be.

Any ideas, Fluther geniuses?

This is a diagram! Oooh! Aaah!

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Were you leaning on the bar with that area? Maybe it’s a kind of gradual bruising…

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Laughing too much? Sitting sideways while in a long conversation, dancing.

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Did you find yourself in a tub of ice at any point in the night? Maybe you were kidney jacked.
I know, not helpful.

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You may have riblets

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perhaps your lack of a head, legs or arms should be of greater concern.

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Maybe your left kidney doesn’t appreciate the extra work? You pulled a muscle dancing? You bruised yourself without realizing it when you bumped into someone on the dance floor? You slept in a bad position so you now have a charleyhorse? Your “friend” sucker punched you because he thought it was funny at the time?

It could be any number of things.

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Well, it’s only on the front and a bit high to be a kidney. ;)
And if I pulled a muscle dancing…it would have been lower.

I think Auggie got it, after her comment I went through pictures from the night, in almost all of them I’m leaning to my right half against the table at just the right position to push on my ribs. Over the course of four and a half hours, getting up and down, leaning moving, and twisting to speak to my friend… I think it built up.


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or apparently, sex organs. though it seems to be cold in that bar…

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Also, I seem to have a strange incision on my back… and I did find a note in the morning thanking me for my generous donation.

elijah might be on to something. =O

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OMG, You’re pregnant!

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@YARNLADY yeah, she probably is.

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Did somebody hug you a lot? right there?

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Looking at the pictures, yes. My pocket friend Michelle, she’s at just the right height too.

Damn it, tables that beat me up, Michelle hugs and kidney theft. Wish I could do it again. :)

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Don’t forget the part about laughing really really really hard on the left side.

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@Jeruba: Of course! :)

I knew I remember something awful. It reminded me of Pleuritis.

Fucking, thanks Wikipedia.

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Ugh, don’t have that.

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Dammit, you put me in a tag again…I don’t really have a good answer for you, however. I’m sure it will go away (or has already).

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You told me to, Doc. ;)

If it doesn’t go away in a few more days, I’ll check it out further. But, I’m sure it’ll disappear. It did last time. :)

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There’s a term for injuries sustained while drunk and not remembered in the morning, can’t remember it off my head, but it might apply here.

I’ll go ahead and use my professional doctor skills to diagnose you with spontaneous rib cancer. I’m sorry @asmonet, you only have sixty to eighty years left to live. :)

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If I could do a physical exam, I’d have a diagnosis for you in exactly 60 minutes (or maybe 3, who am I kidding…) :-P

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omg doctor shilolo!

I bet its a muscle issue. Rub some china gel on it.

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Now why are there pictures? Is that the thing these days? You get plastered and everyone whips out their cell phones and papparazzis away? Oh, and better yet, are they already posted on the web? Maybe under the Bar’s website? Do be a dear, and give us the URL, won’t you?

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My dear daloon, I was far from plastered. But when asmonet goes out and hits the dance floor, pictures are bound to follow. They are online. But I’m not telling! :)

Also, I’m prone to silly faces.

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And, also…

SHIT! Rib cancer!


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do you have an extensive history of alcohol abuse? Perhaps enough damage has been, considering this has happened in the past that you may want to get this checked out to prevent it from happening again. That’s where the liver is located. A lot of cases, the soreness occurs because of minor dehydration. Try to drink water into between drinks and a lot of it after you’ve stop drinking.

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@mass_pike4 Interesting thought, but she says her pain is on her left side, and the liver is located on the right side of the body. Now, the tail of the pancreas can go to the left and back, and can lead to dull aches, so that is a possibility since pancreatitis (inflammmation of the pancreas) is strongly associated with drinking.

@asmonet How are you doing?

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@shilolo: Been away from Fluther, sorry!

All went well, it was gone in a few days. I have spontaneously cured myself of rib cancer.

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