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What would you do if someone in the audience is talking during a movie?

Asked by Studiobrat (132points) December 17th, 2011

Would you politely ask the person talking to please be quiet?

Would you say in a loud manner, “Please shut up or I will get the manager!”

Would you just move to another seat away from them?

Would you wait a few minutes to see if the people stop talking before taking action?

Would you stay quiet and hope they stop disrupting the movie?

Would you just get up and go talk to the manager?

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I have gone up to them with my finger out and go shhhhhhhhhhhh!

If that didn’t work, I whipped my badge on them and gave them a verbal warning.

If that didn’t work, I notified an usher and they were escorted out of the movie.

Sometimes, you just have to take the bull by the horns.

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What type of badge would you show them?

I would politely say, “Would you please stop disrupting the movie?” If they ignored me, I would go to the manager and complain.

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I worked at a movie theater. We hate it just as much as everyone else. Get up and ask a usher. It was actually one of the perks of the job.

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What I always do:

The first time, I whisper, “Sshhh.”
The second time, I say in a louder voice, “You’re ruining the movie, shutup.”
That usually works.

I did once nail a rude woman in the back of the head with popcorn when she wouldn’t stop texting.

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I bring out my voodoo doll. : )

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Lol @WillWorkForChocolate. Love the popcorn idea.

I usually do the shhh thing. Then ‘would you please be quiet’ and then (never had to do this) if my irritated be quiet didn’t work… the usher.

I did really snap at a woman when she answered a call and started talking. She had been playing on her phone all the way through Million Dollar Baby and then right at the angst filled point at the end, she answered her phone and started talking. I growled at her .. “turn it off… NOW!” She did. :D

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Put them in a big slingshot and hurl them into the sun.

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What if you don’t have a badge”?

I think I would wait to see if they calmed down. If they didn’t I would sit in the open seat next to to them grinning stupid and breathing hard, or I will release some silent but deadlies, hoping it would drive them off.

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I’m not saying this is the way to do it or how anyone else should do, just how I do it. I’m generally very patient, I will put up with excessive talking for a long time, I have a very long fuse, but, when and if, it finally gets to me, and it doesn’t always get to me, but if it does, I will pretty much just lose it and scream: “Will you people just shut the fuck up!!!!!!” And then either they either do shut the fuck up or then don’t.

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I am the type of person who doesn’t get too worked up over that kind of behaviour, even if I wouldn’t mind people being quiet sometimes. I don’t like confronting strangers at movie theatres for negative reasons, so I avoid feeling bad because of their actions there as much as I can.

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I would probably say “shhh” if they were near me, but not right next to me. If they were next to me I would ask them to please not talk during the movie.

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If they are talking during the trailers at the beginning, I don’t say anything. If they continue talking after the feature starts. I say rather loudly, “The movie has started. Time to be quiet!”
I haven’t had the problem of people talking on cell phones, but I’d tell them to take the call outside or hang up. Is there another term for hanging up? I don’t have a cell phone.
@studiobrat Welcome to Fluther. Suggestion: If you list so many possibilities, you take away the choices a jelly has to think of those answers without repeating what you said.

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I don’t do anything. It is annoying, but usually, movie theaters are really loud, so I never miss anything, even if people are noisy.

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One of the many things I have in my moviegoer’s bag o’ tricks is a portable cone of silence with a pneumatic neck cinch.

Works every time, because people tend to shut up when they’re simultaneously being strangled and suffocated. ;-)

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I usually become very annoyed, but don’t say anything unless it persistantly goes on for a long portion of the movie. At that point, I’ll go find an usher.

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