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What movie do you think is the most over-rated movie of all time?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4259points) February 8th, 2013

And why do you feel this way?

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Avatar would have to be right up there. It was so hyped and I just didn’t find it that special.

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Little Miss Sunshine- it was just awful…....

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Something About Mary

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Avatar, Titanic, Prometheus (this is what happens if you employ a hack writer), Star Trek 2009, Star Trek 2013, every single Disney animated movie, especially the lion king, every single superhero movie.

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Gone With The Wind.

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Any of the Twilight vampire movies.

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Maybe not “of all time” but certainly high on the list… Blair Witch Project.

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I think Avatar might objectively be the most overrated movie of all time.

This many awards for Dances with Fish-people. Seriously.

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There are so many….

I would have to go with Solaris. it was gawdawful.

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The Goonies. Truffle shuffle aside, it’s just two hours of little boys screaming terrible dialogue: “It’s our time down here! Down here, it’s our time!”

@ragingloli What, you’re not into Simba?

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@wildpotato – he may not have understood the simbalism portrayed in the movie

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@Seek_Kolinahr Hahaha, I called it Dances with Smurfs.

Yeah Avatar for the writing, it’s a plot that’s been done a billion times before and is a lot more profound when it’s historical fiction rather than sci-fi. But damn it was visually stunning. It’s a movie I like to look at, not watch, if that makes sense.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I was made to sit through billions of them by my ex-boyfriend, but “deep” surrealist films just make me wanna puke. Plenty of people will say that I’m just not grasping the profound symbolism…. yeah okay, I’ll stick with movies that don’t make me feel like I’m having a bad trip.

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Birth of a Nation
A Clockwork Orange
The Deer Hunter

When i don’t like a highly rated movie, I will watch it again to give it a chance; maybe it was me. In these cases, I have sat through them multiple times, and each time I get angry for how bad these are, while they are so highly regarded.

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Aw, I love A Clockwork Orange. If only for the Elizabethan insults.

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2001: A Space Odyssey
Anything by the Coen Brothers, especially The Big Lebowski, which would be my vote for most over rated.

I’m not exactly a prolific movie watcher though, so there may be many more movies I’ve never seen that would make this list.

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2001: A Space Odyssey. First time I watched it I was bored out of my mind. The only thing that makes it worth while is the quotes from HAL.

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@amujinx: “Anything by the Coen Brothers, especially The Big Lebowski, which would be my vote for most over rated.”

fighting words, my friend.

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Some runners up to the awful GWTW, include…

Forrest Gump
The Full Monty
American Beauty

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should have been called forrest gimp.

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@ragingloli Steaming pile of shite i’d call it.

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Most Tarantino films. I think it’s funny how most people rip on Avatar for ripping off Pocahontas/Dances with the Wolves, but most people seem to ignore the fact that Reservoir Dogs ripped off City on Fire. Not defending Avatar, of course.

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Avatar was a bucket of bloo toilet cleaners. I’d never seen anything so long-winded and so uninspired in my life. Twilight gets it as well, but that was a bucket of sparkly puke.
But the winner as far as action films goes, is The Expendables. A lot of well known actors, and not a great deal of acting mixed with plenty of explosions does not a good film make.

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It’s like Kevin Spacey, lauded as a mighty fine actor, only 3 of his movies can I stomach…

Se7en/LA Confidential & The Usual Suspects.

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I’d like to add in anything made by a person with the last name “Tarantino”.

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Pulp Fiction and other Tarantino movies. I’m not saying they aren’t good, they are just not that good.

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Hee-hee, seems a nerve may nave been touched ;¬}

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Wow. Lurve for mentioning American Beauty, and my mouth is agape towards anyone who mentions Tarantino, who is the best writer/director working today.

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That’s the beauty of films, diverse tastes, wildly differing opinions…love it!

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For me there are several, and have been listed already. One is Something about Mary, one is Titanic. I also remember the movie Shakespeare in Love. One of the biggest dislikes, however, is for all of the Twilight Movies. As if hearing all of the talking about the books wasn’t bad enough, they went and wasted film and made movies from them.

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@filmfann I would be interested in hearing why you think Tarantino is so good.

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All Chris Nolan films.

The Shawshank Redemption.

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Pulp Fiction. I just thought it was completely awful. It wasn’t funny and all of the lines that people quote from it aren’t funny. It was brutal and dirty and boring.

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Oh, I forgot to add:

Rocky Horror Picture Show. The songs were lame and all of the things that people quote from that movie are stupid. It was boring and grossly 70’s looking (something that I don’t care for). It’s all dirty glitter and bore.

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@Kardamom I completely disagree about Pulp Fiction, but Tarantino is a special brand of comedy.

But the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I must agree, was a tragic waste of time.

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Hubby wanted to throw in his two cents: the Hangover movies.

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I do not think the hangover movies were ever rated high to begin with.

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@Kardamom, @Self_Consuming_Cannibal, but that was the entire point! The movie was awful. It was the audience that made it good with the call backs and dressing up as the cast.

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@GracieT And the throwing stuff. Who doesn’t love to throw toast in a theater?

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@GracieT I know people love to dress up and act out the movie, but what I wonder is how such an awful movie could inspire people to act it out in the first place.

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@GracieT I love the idea of audience participation. People do that with The Sound of Music too, but that was a great movie, Rocky Horror wasn’t.

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@tom_g how dare you forest gump is of the greatest movies ever.

but it doesnt hold a candle to Shaw shank redemption

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I hate “The Dark Knight”, many people say is great however. I think they allow critics think at their behalf. I suspect producers bribe critics recommend terrible movies, e.g. this one. “Fight Club” another movie I hate and many people love. It have silly anti-climax. American friend say is like “Who Shot JR” at “Dalls TV show long ago.

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@filmfann I wish to agree and disagree with your list.

When viewed through the context of the era in which it was made I consider D, W. Griffiths’ The Birth Of a Nation to be one of the greatest movies ever made. Consider: it was released in 1915, when the art of movie making was barely a decade old, yet it skillfully employs several very modern film editing techniques to enhance the viewing experience. Plus it explores a side of the Civil War largely ignored by other movies, namely the effect on a family when the males of the family end up fighting for both the Union and the Confederacy.

As to A Clockwork Orange, I somehow wasn’t aware that it was that highly rated when it came out. I have seen it and, I agree, it is an acquired taste.

Finally, in my opinion, The Deer Hunter is the most over hyped and overrated movie of all time. Insipid does not begin to describe my impression of it (and I have actually seen it more than once through the years.) That it scored the Best Picture Oscar over the far deeper & better Apocalypse Now still rankles me a little bit.

Another movie I consider to be way overrated is The Shawshank Redemption. Yes, it is a good movie, but is it as great as people think it is? I’m not convinced.

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