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What are your claims to fame?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) May 17th, 2008 from iPhone

what have you done to garner your 15 mins of fame? Met some one well known or done something downright bizarre?

For me it’s gotta be chatting with Ian Mackellen for 2 hours when I got him to come to my school to talk against homophobia and prejudice and getting a hug from him afterwards. ;p

Or do you damn the idea of celebrities and all they stand for? :p

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I turned Billy Boyd (one of the Hobbits from LOTR) away from the non-VIP door at a Flaming Lips Concert because he needed to be checked in on the guestlist round at the box office. Then I realised who he was and ran through to get an autograph for my LOTR-obsessed sister, and he obliged very kindly.

I met athlete Jonathan Edwards when I was a kid. Cool guy.

Also, my cousins twice removed (I think – My Grandad’s cousins?) are Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks – that’s probably my best one.

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Working on “John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars,” I got to give Pam Grier her per diem, passed Ice Cube in the hallway, briefly sat next to Natasha Henstridge at lunch (she got up and moved), spoke with John Carpenter and his wife, and listened to the endless, raving monologues of Peter Jason (who was summarily sent home for sticking his hand uninvited down a costumer’s pants).

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While attending the after party for the first MTV music Awards at Tavern on Green, I had a very pleasant conversation with David Lee Roth as we stood endlessly waiting for drinks at one of the bars, my husband was literally run down by Billy Idol who appeared to be on something, and I passed, like sardines in different rows moving in opposite directions, Diana Ross so closely we were for a few seconds “bosom buddies.”

@benseven When I was in junior high school, everyone said that Ray Davies and I looked alike (we didn’t really), but I was thrilled at the time!

All that said, I do not think celebrity confers any virture beyond celebrity.

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I detailed a few “brushes with greatness” at my blog, minus one: Tip O’Neill blew cigar smoke in my face at the Bob Hope Desert Classic.

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I thought your questions was about our claims to fame—not our contacts with others who are famous.

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I was interviewed by Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America.

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voted “Craziest Driver” in high school…yaw!

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I was interviewed on the local 6 O’clock news as a spokesperson for National Nude Week.

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Nude, I hope.

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One of my Photoshop pictures got picked for an iCard once.
I was asked my opinion on Roy Keane once on the street for the news on telly.
I’ve had drinks with Ian Gillian once
My signature was a security check for backstage passes issued for a Status Quo concert

Sadly, those would be the ‘biggest’ things. The rest are all pretty small-time.

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@Marina yep!

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I got third prize in a poetry competition when I was 12.( my mother wrote the poem, she was disappointed we did not win)

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A photo I took of the desert in Dubai was put into a geology textbook.

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I smoked a fatty with Dennis and Ray from Dr. Hook at the Keg and Quarter Hotel in Cleveland.

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Scamp smoked a phatty?? Damn that just made my day ;)

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