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What are some hot outfits I could wear with a white men's dress shirt? (Pictures inside)

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 18th, 2011

I’m thinking of buying a white dress shirt, how I would pull it off is a different story. I’m thinking of wearing it with a black tight skirt that ends at the knee. Hot or not ?

Exhibit A –

Exhibit B –

Do you guys think this is a hot outfit? Could it be pulled off ? Can is be sexed up but still classy if I add some jewelry? What about with jeans? Thoughts ?

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Does it look too much like a waitress? Would it look hot with jeans?

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A tartan skirt (red and black stripes, but green or blue would be just as neat) I think would go great with that type of dress shirt. Maybe with stockings or knee highs. Really though, it’s an opinion thing. You should choose what makes you you feel genuinely sexy.

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@Symbeline Does it look hot if I wear a white shirt with a tight black skirt or does it look too much like a waitress vibe?

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Looks hot to me.

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Waitresses are hot! (I may be slightly biased) But sure. :) At least, I don’t see why not.

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Those all look hot. Another thing that can look casual but stylish and hot is a white shirt with blue jeans.

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This video tutorial is basically genius.

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This success of this look, which I really love, depends on a couple things. First, the white shirt. Not all white shirts are created equal! Don’t buy a man’s dress shirt! Please don’t!! You need to buy a woman’s shirt which is inspired by men’s shirts. A woman’s shirt will have curves, created by seams or darts that flatter a woman’s shape. It needs to be the right length too and have the right kind of shirttail hem. If it’s too long it looks sloppy. It should hit just above your hip not at your hip or below your hip. Nice details in the collar and buttons and cuffs will add to the feminine allure. You want to have a nice mix of masculine/feminine not look like you are dressing in a man’s clothes.

The pencil skirt is a good idea if you can carry it off. I think it looks best just above or just below the knee. If you are short, above, if you are tall and leggy, below, if you are average, your choice! The jewelry and shoes you wear with it will keep it from looking “waitressy”. I would keep the jewelry understated and classy, probably a little modern, like Elsa Peretti for Tiffany. No sensible low heeled pumps! That is what a waitress would wear. You want the sexiest shoe you can stand (in). This is a look I really love. It is timeless. The whole masculine/feminine and dandy look is one of my favorites. A little touch of lace somewhere also helps keep it from looking “waitressy”.
Ann Taylor is a good place to look for the white shirt.

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ANef is Enuf That is so fun and creative! I love it!!!

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I agree with @Earthgirl that it is far better not to buy it from the men’s department. Women’s button down shirts are tailored to have curves, men’s shirts are not.

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@Earthgirl – Thank you so much! That was great advice !!

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@Earthgirl – That Ann Taylor white shirt is exactly what I’ve been looking for and wanted! Going Christmas shopping tomorrow at a big mall, will look for one like that. I think there is an Ann Taylor store inside. Thanks!

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@ANef_is_Enuf – You girls are right!

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@Earthgirl – That is what I loved about this look initially was it is so classy and timeless.

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partyrock Your welcome! I’m sure you’ll look great!

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Very stylish! Definitely go for it.

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Wear a loose tie, prim knee-length black skirt, rolled-up white socks, and black mary janes, with your hair tied up into twin pigtails. Humbert Humbert would approve.

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Select A.

A shows that you are a classy lady. Men like it, when women have style and class together.

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I don’t find it attractive.

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