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What do you think of the trend for dyeing or shaving off eyebrows among models?

Asked by davidk (1419points) April 22nd, 2010

I live in Manhattan and have noticed a significant number of model wannabes sporting this new look. Then today I was watching Tyra Banks and she told this naturally beautiful brunette (dark brunette) girl to dye her eyebrows to the point of being translucent.

WTF? Why? Please, someone explain why this is attractive.

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Hmm…haven’t heard of this. Geez….

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I haven’t heard of this either, but it sounds completely ridiculous.

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Wtf…people do this? This is news to me. Maybe because so much emphasis is put on large or overbearing eyebrows, people took it a step further to avoid the eyebrow criticism….

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It’s not attractive to me, but it’s different and certainly allows control over where the lines over the eyes go…

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That would make your forehead look large.. Maybe large foreheads are the next fab thing?

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I’ve actually seen quite a bit of this. It’s not attractive, it’s hideous.

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I think they do it just to try and fit in the modeling world. For me permanently I think the eyebrows are ugly. I have never gone to a beauty salon, I have always plucked my eyebrows. I kind of over-plucked them, but what I do every single morning is feeling them in with black and dark brown eyeliner.

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Doesn’t seem like that much different than plucking into a skinny little line.

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I think some stylist messed up big time, and to cover her butt, said it was all the new thing and charged extra.

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I saw Bob Geldoff shave his eyebrows off in The Wall. It looks really scary to me. On a woman who then pencils them in, my mind superimposes a woman with Lucy lipstick really exaggerated at the top points, a Flo’ hairdo and a very rough voice with cigarette smoke coming out her nostrils “Give your Aunt Sheila a kiss!”

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I’ve dyed my eyebrows. It’s because I have naturally red hair and my eyebrows don’t show much against my ghostly complexion. (Saves me some time getting ready in the morning if I don’t have to create one more illusion.)

Your eyebrows should be a shade or two lighter than your hair. If you color your hair away from your natural color, it’s a good idea for that reason.

If you’re talking about shaving your brows, that’s an entirely different story. I don’t see a logical explaination for that. It reminds me of a chemotherapy patient, and I know a few who would like the eyebrows disposed of.

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@WestRiverrat That’s funny! When I was a kid, I was holding my cat in my lap. The dog scared him & he ran up over the top of my head. His back toenails caught my eyebrow & laid the skin wide open. Another inch lower & he’d have gotten my eye. Where the scar is, the brow ceased to grow. I have a big sparce place there. I had thick brows anyway (which I HATE caterpillar eyebrows), so over the years, I’ve tweezed them down. I fill in with blonde pencil. But to shave them off? Never.

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On a naturally blonde woman, perhaps the difference wouldn’t seem so radical if the eyebrows are dyed white. But I’m really having a difficult time imagining beautiful brunettes like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek, Jules Asner, Rachel Bilson, Megan Fox, etc. and have them dye their eyebrows white or shave them off…

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Who cares?

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“Your eyebrows should be a shade or two lighter than your hair. If you color your hair away from your natural color, it’s a good idea for that reason.”
This makes some sense…I think. What is the aesthetic reason for eyebrows being a shade or two lighter than the hair on a woman’s head? Does it somehow improve or give better shape to the face on camera?

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I love natural eyebrows on women, don’t understand why one should shave them off.
I mean

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@davidk your comment to @lilikoi is out of line and uncalled for. She is entitled to her opinion about the issue.

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You are right. Sorry about that. I’m just tired of people who can’t refrain from negative comments on things they supposedly don’t care about. Doesn’t this frustrate anyone else out there?

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@davidk It’s actually because your natural eyebrow color is a shade or two lighter, almost all of the time. :)

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@rebbel I’m guessing you don’t like this then? :)

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I looked up a few pictures on the internet. The models I saw seemed to have less facial expression to me. It seems like the whole effect people get from way too much botox.

We make facial expressions with our forehead. Raising one eyebrow looks quizzical, raising both eyebrows shows surprise, furrowing them shows concern. The combination I’ve seen of no eyebrows plus botox makes them look like mannequins or robots.

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Jeez, that is a bit too much for my liking.

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@rebbel Too bad… I already gave her your number.

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That is just toooooooo creepy.

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In my experience brunettes have almost black eyebrows. Wouldn’t the skin beneath them look weird and need a bunch of makeup?

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It’s not exactly a brand new thing for women under crazy appearance pressure to do though, is it?

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I couldn’t care less. It isn’t my hair, and it certainly isn’t permanent. Seriously.

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I don’t even acknowledge my eyebrows. I have always been very blonde, and have bangs, my eyebrows are already translucent, can’t even see them to pluck them, and they just blend into my bangs anyway. lol

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because some fashion trends are really, really dumb :)

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@deni – Yea!

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lol..Yes, the reflection of any light makes it impossible to see them even if I wanted to do something new with ‘em. lol

Once a friend made me up for a picture and darkened them..I thought I looked like a hooker, it was a shocker! hahaha

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LOLLLLLLL…And I tried doing my make-up once without doing my brows. OMG! I looked naked.

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You guys have to see this to believe it. I went on YouTube to see if I could find Tyra making the comment I heard from her the other day…instead, I found something much worse!

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@davidk That just made my butt pucker!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

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@davidk Well, why anyone would do that is beyond me. And Tyra went AGAINST the growth of the brows. Geezzzz…....

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It’s hideous… is the practice of removing hair on the….ahhh….intimate parts of the body.

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I know they used to do this in the 40s, shave their eyebrows and add pencil. Several of the older generation do still do this and I think it looks creepy and a little crazy. I think it looks nutty and I have always liked thicker brows as long as they are maintained and not wild or unibrows.

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