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Where can I buy mustache wax on the Big Island?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) December 19th, 2011

Can’t find any. But haven’t really explored Hilo or Kona in great detail. Thought someone may be able to speed my search with their experience.

Mahalo! :)

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can’t you order online, say ?

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Longs Drug use to carry it on the other neighbor islands.

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I saw it many years ago at the pharmacy section of Wal Mart.

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ill check the pharm… for online purchases, it is difficult for someone like me….i got no pay pall, no credit cards, or bank account, and i make my money under the table. or most of the time through work trade (( i do this for you, you buy this for me, no cash exchange)) keeps me off the economic radar a bit….which i like….

thanks yall….

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Big Island is a big place. Where are you more specifically? In Hilo, you might check Walgreens/Longs, Wal Mart, Target, Island Naturals, KTA.

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Big Island is NOT a big place…as far as number of stores is concerned lol….but thanks for the tips i will do some hunting soon….tanks everyone….xoxo

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