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Does anyone have a recommendation for a cell phone?

Asked by dayeshere (215points) May 17th, 2008 from iPhone

I need to replace my cell phone. I’m with Alltel, so it needs to be CDMA. I can’t spend a lot and I’ll probably get it on Ebay. Basically what I want in a phone is a good camera and quick texting. Any ideas?

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Let me know when you find out. I’m with Alltel too, and I just got the cheap phone. No frills. My contract is about to renew, and I want to get a better one too!

kevbo's avatar has good cell phone reviews and buying guides. The prices will all be different, of course, when it comes time to buy, but I’d look there if you don’t get the answer you want here.

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Also check out Its a great site that will give u phone reviews by carrier or by phone manufacturer.

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