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G1 vs. My touch phone; which one is better?

Asked by bunnygirl50665 (80points) October 6th, 2009

Which one of these phones is better in your oppinion: the my touch or the G1?

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isn’t the mytouch essentially the g2?

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I like my G1. I was going to upgrade to the G2 (MyTouch) but then I found out that they had gotten rid of the full keyboard. That’s one of my favorite things about my phone, so I decided against the upgrade. If they come out with a G3 that has the full keyboard back, I’ll consider it.
Also, I’m pretty sure the G2 does everything the G1 does, minus the keyboard.

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Yes I love my G1 because of the awesome little keyboard – touchscreens aren’t particularly good for typing, in my experience.

In favour of the G2, (MyTouch), I think it has longer battery life and more RAM.

the G1 does indeed do everything the G2 does, particularly when it is modded to give the user root access.

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I like the size and feel of the mytouch better. But I also don’t like physical keyboards. It’s a matter of preference. Keyboard or no keyboard.

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i definetely would like a keyboard, which is why i want the g1. The next phone of that series (G3?) is coming out pretty soon, i believe. I might just wait for that. But again, i don’t think it has a keyboard.

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Is the my touch bigger or smalle than the G1?

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G1 dimensions are 4.60” x 2.16” x 0.62’’.
G2 (MyTouch) dimensions are 4.45’’ x 2.19’’ x 0.58’’.

So not drastically different.

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