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Trying to find a source for looking-up Adresses that is ACTUALLY free on the internet...

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) December 20th, 2011

I’m trying to locate some old College friends(who do NOT belong to any alumni clubs or seem to have Social-Network pages either), and every single website I’ve gone to wants to CHARGE me for the info- which may not even be accurate once I get it. Is there a specific Website I should be using? I’d really like to get back in touch.

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The information you are asking for may not be public so you will need to access from a local IRS database, which costs money. Have you attempted the six degrees of separation attempt? Email some of your friends that are friends with them and go from there. Hopefully track them down by using the domino technique.

Judi's avatar will give you address and phone numbers if the person is listed and you know what state they live in.

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I do this all the time for work and there is no one great directory.

Whitepages is the best free one for the US, but it is not anywhere near perfect. For example, for me, it lists an address where I rented a mailbox ten years ago, as well as 2 other defunct addresses.

Intelius can you give some good hints. Also 123people.

Do not bother clicking on MyLife links. Google is infested with them and they are worthless.

And you are correct to avoid the common pay sites – they are about the same.

Also you may need to get creative with your Googling. We have found people through online church newsletters, school directories, neighborhood association flyers, charitable and political donatin logs and court records. Sometimes city council meetings will show somebody applying for a building permit or zoning exception.

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Just google their name and see what comes up – and then if there’s an organization, you can contact a member of the organization or look them up on Facebook that way.

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