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For those that have taken AP (College Board) test(s)?

Asked by babybadger (1790points) December 21st, 2011

Which was the easiest/hardest for you? And why?

I’m taking the new AP World History test this May, and I’ve taken the AP Chemistry test as well. Opinions on the tests you’ve taken?

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I’m class of 2006. Dropped out of my senior year, and transferred to a one on one teacher basis through a charter school. Still got my Highshool Diploma. Currently putting my self through community college with the aid of the U.S. Government. About 70% of the people I was associated with in high school took the AP test as it is recognized on a scale basis of 1–5 by colleges. Trust me on this, if we had the internet hot and rolling in 2006 like we do now, I’m sure studying for “world history” and “chemistry” would be a breeze. Back then even Wikipedia was sketchy, now it’s pretty clean (as far as the sciences and history are concerned). Still I would venture into a library and check out an AP test prep book and see what they deem important in world history and chemistry. Just a reminder though, world history high school classes are biased in the sense that its published by western society, so don’t eat it up for what you read, try getting a point of view of eastern society as well, to be truly informed. Also to sum this all up, my friends have gotten into UC’s (University of California) by taking the AP tests, so they definitely help out, it demonstrates that extra effort! Good luck! Knowing what I know now, I will encourage my child in the future to take the tests.

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I took the AP World History test last year, and it was pretty hard for me, I didn’t do that well. It wasn’t very fun. :-(

This year I’ll be taking the AP US History and AP Psych tests, and possibly the AP Language and Composition test. I’m not exactly looking forward to them, but they look good for college and all that good stuff!

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Just a piece of advice. You might want to consider community college. It’s wayyyyyy cheaper and plus for your first two years you will be focusing on General Education anyhow. And guess what? Basic Astronomy at community college, is the same as Astronomy in a university, same credit, same “stuff.” If you’re not confident in it, you can look up TAG programs or something similar at your local community college (Transfer Admission Guarantee) They provide you with a list of things you need to accomplish in order to transfer to the university of your choice. Really easy things like, maintain your GPA and have your Major set in place so you can take down some extra classes at community college. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people who went to JC’s and turned out just fine with their careers. I’ve also seen tons of friends crash and burn because they went straight into universities undeclared with their majors and got lost with what educations purpose is. Good luck again!

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I took the AP World History test and it blew. I got a 3 and I actually studied for it for about 6 weeks prior. Our teacher was brand new to the stubject though and I wasn’t very interested in the class so that was probably it. I took AP Biology, AP Language and Comp, and AP US History last year and I got 4s on all. I didn’t really study for apush, i just listened in class. There isn’t really a way you can study for AP Lang other than also paying attention in class and making sure you know your lang techniques. As for AP Bio I holed myself up into a corner of my house and did nothing but absorb the information for 4 days straight. It was honestly death and I don’t know how I got a 4 on it but I’m not complaining.

Back to AP World it alwasy comes back to knowing the bigger picture of things. Not knowing the certain events in history but knowing how they affected civilizations, people, religion, society, agriculture, economy, etc.

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