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What happens if my school shuts down during AP Exams because of swine flu?

Asked by aisyna (963points) April 30th, 2009

3 school districts where I live have been shut down (during our state’s standardize test, which is kind of sort of a huge deal) and Extracurricular have been canceled until May 11th. If my school gets shutdown during AP exams, will College Board let us take the tests at a later day, even though the rest of the country has already taken the same test?

and I know most kids would rejoice because they don’t have to take them but I have been working my ass off to pass the tests, and my teachers have been working there asses off also to get us to pass (staying at school for like 10 hours to have review sessions before and after school)

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they will just retake the test

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It could be a serious issue. Ask the Principal at your school, or call the district offices and demand an answer. If you need to make arrangements to take the exams they need to help you.

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There are conflict exams given (these can also be used if you have two APs scheduled at once or have other extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from sitting for an exam). You can also call the AP Board and ask about other testing locations, if there is a school in your area offering the exams that isn’t shut down, though the date to register for another location is long past (March 1). Your school may consider moving the location, however.

Here is the AP Board’s policies on late/conflict testing.

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@Tit – yep! It happened to me – years ago!

@aisyna – They should be rescheduled, without issue. This something out of everyone’s control, very extenuating circumstances. Good luck on your tests!

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@cak—they need to look into it; “should be” and “is” can be two different things.

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@YARNLADY – There wasn’t a problem, last year, for my best friend’s son. The school was closed early, due to a bomb threat – they found (what was later found not to be a true device) what appeared to be a bomb. Coupled with a lot of threats, they closed the school and sent the kids home. It was rescheduled, fairly quickly.

Of course, you are right, there can be issues; however, I haven’t seen a lot of problems over that last few years. The process is a lot better than it used to be.

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@cak I’m glad to hear it has improved. Still, I would not leave an important decision like this to what “should” be. With the funding cut-backs and the overall demoralization in the education system, I would stay on top of it.

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@YARNLADY – Oh, by no means am I implying she shouldn’t follow through, it’s very important, but there are more guidelines in place to prevent the absence of testing, due to extenuating circumstances. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through, that is something that is key, in this household!

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