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Any religion that combines all major beliefs out there?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 21st, 2011

I’m a Messianic Jew looking for some new beliefs in life. I’m trying to become a better person every day, it’s a struggle, but you know how it goes. I’m very attracted to the proverbs of Buddhism and Hinduism. I’m not leaving the gospel behind, I just want to incorporate fresh and wise words. Furthermore, how can I truly love my God and understand my God if I do not acknowledge others Gods and what they believe in. I’m not looking to bow down 10 times a day, but I would like to get some really great perspective on the power of prayer and meditating. Lastly, I’m seeking this because it’s like the older I get the more angry I become quickly, not angry for a long time, but you know cholesterol type of anger, the quick one where you just blow up. Do I need anger management? Any suggestions?

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Meditation (and perhaps yoga—hatha not bikram) could help you in dealing with your anger. Otherwise, you appear to have some stored up rage. have you considered working with a therapist?

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The Bahai fath tries to combine them.

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What is a Messianic Jew?

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I don’t think you will ever find a faith that combines everyone’s beliefs. That is why there is so much anger and hatred in the world, because most faiths are mutually exclusive and part of most religious doctrines is to emphasize that their faith is the only true faith, especially the monotheistic faiths, because the fundamental belief is that there is only one God, the true God, and that other religion’s Gods are not real or do not exist. Therefore, most other people in the world are relegated to heathenism status, because they have not chosen the correct religion or God or belief system. Unforntunately the heathens also feel that their religion and belief system is the correct one, making all the other people to be relegated to heathen status. Doesn’t make a lot of sense does it? It’s not logically possible for fundamentally opposing belief systems to both be right, so that means that either someone is wrong, or even that everyone is wrong. But even if you are wrong, or the collective they is wrong or even if we’re all wrong, it doesn’t really matter as long as you, we or they are not harming anyone. Unfortunately, I see a lot of harm being done by a lot of people who cite their belief in their faith as a valid reason to harm other people.

And believe it or not, you can strive to be a better person without even having any kind of belief in a particular religion or God at all. Being kind and patient and tolerant and compassionate and wise and helpful and useful are all good human traits to strive for to make you a better person, and make other people glad to know you.

Do you know why you are so quick to anger lately? Dealing with your bouts of rage and learning how to control you temper and calm yourself will be the best first step you can take on your path to becoming a better person, but you might need some help from a family member, some friends or a therapist to help you recognize your anger triggers and figure out how you can eliminate them, or minimize them or simply better cope with them.

Tell us more about what’s going on in your life and we’ll try to help you on your path.

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Probably a Unitarian Universalist.

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a messianic jew is a “jew” that believes Jesus is the messiah.
ergo, a christian.

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@ragingloli Are they the “Jews for Jesus?”

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OK, thanks for clarifying. I’m not a messianic Jew, just a Jew—and an atheist one at that.

To answer your question, there is not one belief that encompasses all. Back when I was a theist, I dabbled in a bunch of different religions and finally decided on Theosophy. I studied that for a couple of years until I realized that was just as crazy as the rest of them and finally I decided that I didn’t need belief in a supernatural being to maintain my moral compass. My “conversion” to skeptic atheism was a long one but the day I finally threw off all ideas of any sort of God was a very liberating day for me. I am in charge of my own life. As someone who went through this, this is nothing that anybody here can answer for you; you have to find your own way.

In terms of anger issues, that really has nothing to do with religion. If you feel you have anger issues, you probably do, and you probably should seek counseling for that.

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There are incredible insights into humanity, life and personal growth in each of the major religions. Studying and learning from them all is a noble pursuit. But it is also important to recognize that most of the major religions today are outgrowths of the musings of early bronze age humans.

If you were truly to adopt the precepts of all religions, you would hvave to simultaneously believe that the creator is one, is three in one, and is a pantheon. You would be allowed to eat pork, even encouraged to do so, and have to be stoned to death for doing it, as it’s an abomination in the eye of the same God who suggested it’s a good idea.

You would have to believe that Moses, Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammad, Joseph Smith, Sun Yung Moon and a whole host of other humans are each the one and only prophet of God you should follow; then follow all their conflicting decrees. ,

So the bottom line is “Why not?” It is every bit as logical as any of the other main-line religions out there. Given your stated circumstance; real logic, rationality and the law of reciprocity will suffice for being the best person you can be.

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“Jews for Jesus” are Messianic Jew’s but not all Messianic Jews are part of the Jews for Jesus movement. They don’t all agree with their street corner “in your face” approach.
The communities I have know about are Jewish people who have become Christian, but did not see that as a reason to abandon their Jewish traditions, because, after all, Christianity was born in the Jewish faith. They see Christianity as a natural progression of their faith, not an alternative to it.

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@incendiary_dan Such a hipster response.

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The Borg are not a religion. They are an intimate personal relationship with the collective.

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@Judi so why don’t they just call themselves Christian?

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@Rarebear , Because they want to maintain their Jewish identity. They still celebrate all the Jewish holidays, as well as the Christian ones. Many are quite Orthodox. The Apostles actually discussed this in the first century and if you read the letters of the new testament you will see that they weren’t always in agreement on adherence to Jewish law. They even argued over whether Gentile converts should have to be circumcised.

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What do you mean when you say, “Many are quite Orthodox?”

And @whitetigress jump in here whenver you want. I’m just curious as I’ve never had the chance to ask before.

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@Rarebear , They continue to follow the Orthodox practices regarding diet wardrobe etc. I believe they worship on Saturday.

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I recently read the new book of Werner Tiki Küstenmacher called God 9.0. Right now it’s only available in German, but like Simplify Your Life I hope it’ll soon get translated to English.

He lays out a framework of evolving religions, starting with Religion 1.0. The first “upgrades” require hundreds of years, but the development accelerates, later upgrades only take decades. All versions of religions 7.0 and higher basically combine all major beliefs out there on that level.

But reality is different. According to his research about 75% of all religious people worldwide believe in a God 3.0 or God 4.0. The mindset of the Vatican represents a typical Religion 4.0 model. The world is seen as being controlled by a Higher Power that punishes evil and eventually rewards good works and righteous living. Küstenmacher’s levels are derived from the spiral dynamics model. Religion 6.0 for example focuses on a world wherein humanity can find love and purposes through affiliation and sharing.

Bottom line: The answer to your question is not about one particular religion as such but particular forms of religion which have evolved to different levels.

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@mattbrowne Why not translate it?

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@ETpro – The publisher might at some point, depending mainly on two factors: sales in German-speaking countries and the estimated potential for selling it in English-speaking countries. It’s still very new. And harder to read than ‘Simplify your Life’. I just checked

Amazon Bestseller-Rang: Nr. 7.484 in alle Bücher
Nr. 18 in Bücher > Religion & Glaube > Christentum & Theologie > Christliche Meditation & Spiritualität
Nr. 63 in Bücher > Politik & Geschichte > Gesellschaft / Society

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@mattbrowne Good marketing. Gotcha.

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