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How much would a Dalmation puppy cost in the US or California ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 22nd, 2011

I’ve never owned a dog before but thinking of getting one.. Does anyone know how much a Dalmation puppy would cost ? And if they do sell them in Los Angeles ? Thanks. and How big do they usually grow ?

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Well a dalmatian grows into a fairly large dog and VERY energetic. I’d imagine they would have some in LA whether in the classifieds, online, or at a nearby shelter. As for price, I wouldn’t know about now, but back in the 90’s I sold dalmatian pups for around $150—$200 an adorable pup here in Cali. And I highly recommend you nueter or spay them, trust me but it will be tremendously easier financially to have a snipped dog.

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It depends on where you plan to get one. If you get it at a local animal shelter, you usually just pay an adoption fee but the dog has pretty much everything it needs- shots, deworming, dewclaw removal, registration, etc. The rates ate different shelters vary, so I’d check with your local shelter. The selection may be limited though, and of course it’s probably an abandoned dog, but you’re doing a good deed by taking in a dog to care for.

If you get one a breeder, the prices have a huge range depending on the type of dog- everything from an average normal Dalmation to champion line to show dog. This will probably be anywhere from the low hundreds to near thousand. You may also have to register it and do the usual procedures with it (shots and whatnot).

As for how big they grow, I’m not sure about that. It’s a large dog though, and as @King_Pariah said, energetic. I actually haven’t seen one in a long time.

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In Los Angeles? I think they’re outlawed…

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Examine just why you want a dog, if you’ve never had one you’ll find it a life changing decision. Its not all positive and fun.

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Several local communities in Los Angeles County have banned the sale of commercially bred pets. You would do best to check with your local pet store such as PetCo or Petsmart, or the local animal shelter.

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There are a lot of Dalmatian rescues. People love the idea of these dogs but they are so high strung and get separation anxiety. They really need to be with their people. They are not the type of dog that you leave in the back yard all day.
If you’re willing to get one 6 months old you should be able to find one for little or no money from someone who didn’t realize what they were getting into.

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If you haven’t had a dog before, I’d be careful about trying a Dalmatian. They are wonderful dogs, but they are a handful. How much room do you have for them? I say them because I would never have just one dog after having two. You can spend $100 or $500. Depends on where you get the pup.

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Agreeing with all who recommend you not have your first dog be a Dalmation. They are high strung and require a firm and confident hand in training. If the dog has not been carefully bred to eliminate certain traits, the dog could very well be partially or mostly deaf. They are extremely active by nature. I have heard Dalmation lovers joke about sympathizing with Cruella Deville. Never get a certain breed simply because you like the look, research the breed thoroughly, first.

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Things to consider before buying a dalmatian

(By the way, several veterinary publications have listed dalmatians as the #1 breed for biting children.)

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Please think very hard before getting a Dalmatian puppy. They must be taught very early not to be bite-y (Say Ow in a loud, high-pitched voice when they mouth your hand).

They were bred to run under carriages as security dogs (more than 20 miles per day). Thus, they need a lot of running and physical exercise. I had to take my puppy to an off-leash dog park three times a day intil he was a year old, and then twice a day until he was two.

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The initial costs I don’t know, but consider as well the following yearly costs:

Food and Treats 250 – 700
Toys 25 – 150
Beds 50 – 200
Leashes and Collars 20 – 50
Grooming 30 – 500
Routine Veterinary Care 500 – 1000
Preventive Medications and Supplements 100 – 300
Training Classes or Resources 25 – 300
Petsitters or Boarding 100 – 300
Yearly Total $1100–3500

Average Monthly Cost of Owning a Dog $90–290

The first year will be more expensive. Puppies need all kind of extra care.


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@syz Through all the years that I helped my dad breed and raise dalmatians (and I forgot to mention ours were champion line and we were actually kinda cheap) I have never had an issue with biting. My brother did but that’s because the numbskull tried to pretty much pull the poor dog’s ears off. But other than that incident I have never had or heard of dalmatians biting, kids or adults.

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Okay you need to know some stuff first, then decide on getting one.
Dalmations are very very active dogs, so make sure you bring out their full potential. They are family oriented, so they don’t do well in a kennel or as backyard dogs. I think every dog requires regular exercise. They are very intelligent dogs. Love your puppy, they require most of your attention and time. No compromise.

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@whitenois Very good point. The initial cost of a dog is the smallest cost.

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