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Where do your sleeping dogs lie?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) September 19th, 2013 from iPhone

For those of you with dogs, where do they sleep at night? Do you crate them? Do they have a doggy bed somewhere? Do they share the bed with you? Do they sleep in a dog house outside?

Our puppy has been crate trained since she was 8 weeks old, but at 10 months we recently started letting her sleep with us. She’s only about 35 lbs, but it has taken some adjusting to get used to her being there. She doesn’t curl up at our feet and stay there all night like some dogs. She likes to be right between us at the head of the bed, her back pressed up against me and her paws kicking my husband throughout the night. She also chooses this time to groom and scratch and do the “stand up-turn around-plop down” dance every few minutes until she’s comfy. There’s also the issue of controlling the fur on our sheets and blanket. Still, she’s very lovey at night, and I enjoy cuddling with my sweet pup and making her softly growl at me when I give her kisses against her will while she’s trying to snooze. :)

What are your experiences with sharing a bed with your dog(s)?

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I decided with Frodo (although not with his agreement) that he would sleep in the kitchen and not on my bed. I am a tosser and turner and a very light sleeper and I think it just wouldn’t work for me. His crate is in the kitchen. I don’t lock it but I do gate him in the kitchen.

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One was bad enough but this new puppy is making me crazy! I tried crate training but she cried and cried. I guess it’s the breed. Weimariner’s get very attached to their people.
She’s only three months old and occasionally will go to the foot of the bed with her big brother. I’m hoping that’s where they will both end up. I hate it when they hog the blankets.

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When I lived with my mother we had a German Shepherd. He slept with my mum. He had the whole bed, she shared a tiny bit. He was a big boy. I always hoped he would come and sleep with me, for reasons you put. That must be very nice.

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My little girl sleeps right by my side, between hubs and I, all night. That’s where I put her when we brought her home from the pound, scared and sad, and she’s never slept anywhere but at my side since. She’s only 18 lbs though.

She wants to love on hubs when we go to bed, then he is done in two minutes and she comes to me for tv time and petting, then tv off and I cuddle her and kiss her, then we sleep. She snores and dreams and it’s so cute, but if it wakes me up I say “shhhh” gently and she shushes up.

As far as bed sheets, I change mine out every week and there are lots of bedlines to use under your sheets if needed. We also have a king-size bed, so room is not an issue.

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My dog passed 2 years ago… He was good people. He used to love the basement. I have no idea why. He’d wait by the door to be let down at night. I mean, it was his house too and I couldn’t come up with a reason not to… He was great with people but also required a lot of personal space. Strange for a dog but it is what it is. He was a bit quirky but we got along great!

He was horribly abused as a puppy and lost a leg in a car accident at a very early age. He would have been put down if I hadn’t come along. He was half Great Pyrenees and half German Shepard. I reckon large dogs don’t usually live till they’re 13, especially with 3 legs and all.

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She sleeps in the bedroom on the floor on her dawg bed, a huge fwuffy cushion with pictures of ickle dawggies & bones on.

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In the room with me, in a dog bed. If one of us feels blue, she sleeps in the bed.

She wags her tail in her sleep sometimes :]

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Our dogs are not allowed on any furniture. We have pillows and blankets for them to sleep on, and they sleep in our bedroom in the evening.

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@jonsblond Dogs on the floor, mine would think that was cruel and unusual punishment, she barely goes outside to potty. hahahaha

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On her dog bed. We would welcome her on our bed at night, but she’s half Chow Chow and does not like to cuddle.

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My asshole ex kept our Rottweiler.
She used to sleep on my legs. I had a hell of a time falling asleep for a while without that weight on me.

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@wildpotato Ever? Is that typical chow behavior?

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When we first got Xena we decided not to crate her. We knew she was going to grow up to be a large dog and a crate big enough just wouldn’t fit anywhere in the house. We got her a nice comfy bed and left it downstairs, and the first two nights she cried all night and scratched half the paint off the door. The third night we put her bed in our bedroom and that’s where she slept nearly every night for the rest of her life. She would occasionally sleep on our bed in the daytime, but she never would at night when we were there, even when we invited her. In hot weather she would sleep downstairs, stretched out on the kitchen floor.

@wildpotato Xena did not like to cuddle either. She would tolerate it for a little while but seldom more than ten or fifteen minutes. I think it made her too hot. She wasn’t Chow though, or even a thick-coated breed, just a lab/greyhound cross.

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Ernie Bert, black Lab pup, is in the kitchen at night, has a box/cage thing and did have to listen to my choice of radio, but that was until his snores drowned the sound out. Waste of time then!

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Three of our dogs always sleep in our bedroom, either on a dog bed or just on the floor. My old Aussie doesn’t like to come upstairs, so she sleeps downstairs, also either on a dog bed or the bare floor.(If she does come upstairs, it’s in the early morning, and it usually means she needed to go out about a half hour ago:-/) The mini-Aussie sometimes comes up with us, sometimes not, but doesn’t usually stay with us all night.

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Anywhere they want. My current dog used to sleep on my bed with me, but it got too hard for him to jump up on the bed, so he just sleeps on the floor now. I have to be very careful when I get up, because he is often right under me.

He also sleeps under my laptop table, and I can’t see him there. I always try to remember to look before I shove the table out to get up.

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In my bedroom on her orthopedic foam bed. A little pricey, but she is worth it.

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@YARNLADY @chyna Old dogs are my very favorites. One of these days I’d sure love to own a bigger property and take all of them in from kill shelters and let them be loved. Gotta play the lottery…lol

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Thanks for all the answers so far!

I can’t imagine keeping my animals off the furniture. Daisy (the puppy) loves laying on the end of the couch. We call it her spot at this point. And keeping the cat, Chloe, off of anything would be absolutely impossible. She runs the house. She sleeps on the cable box atop our entertainment center and even eats on the kitchen counter (we have to put her food up there or Daisy will eat it). I’m sure some people would think that’s gross, but they’re my babies, I’m not banning them from any room or surface.

@KNOWITALL Someone in my town won the lottery last night. $4 million. Now I don’t have to play – it won’t happen here again for awhile. :)

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I don’t know if this link will work but here’s a pic of my babies on my bed

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Aw @Judi, such sweet fur babies.

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My dog sleeps with me too, under the covers, head on the pillow at times!!!

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@wildpotato Thanks for the suggestion. I tried a home made version, but he just fell off. He’s also going blind and can’t keep his balance because of arthritis. The vet gave us some pain medication for him.

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@YARNLADY Gotcha. Too bad.

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@livelaughlove21 I feed my cat on top of the chest freezer in my laundry room. The kitten gets her food on a windowsill, but there is a gate in the doorway because I have my suspicions that one of the dogs was getting kitty crunchies…

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Just realized – I meant $400 million. Oops.

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@KNOWITALL Yes, typical Chow independence. Not that she’s not affectionate – she leans against us and rests her head on our laps for pets. But she will not easily tolerate uninvited outside interference, such as having her paws picked up without asking with the “shake” command, or being nudged at all when she’s settled down. So she’ll jump on the (king-sized) bed with us and lay down, and we’ll lie as still as possible but as soon as she feels a twitch she’s gone with a disgusted look. If one of us is away and she can stretch out without being touched she’ll stay on the bed.

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Since I added a second dog, I find things work better if I crate them both.

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Axel decided to sleep on my pillow last night. I had maybe 6 inches on my side of the bed. I have a creek in my neck today. :-(

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