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Is it safe for the daughter to visit?

Asked by FFan (43points) December 23rd, 2011

The mother is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer that is spreading through her body, and as of Tuesday, she will be starting another round with a new drug (Xeloda).

The daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia last Tuesday with pneumonia, and was given a penicillin shot. She also has a prescription for amoxicillin. As of this posting, she has an internal temperature of 105, with symptoms such as coughing and a headache becoming progressively worse.

The two major questions I’d like to get an opinion on are:
1) Should the daughter head to the ER/24 hour clinic immediately?

2) Is it likely that it will be safe for the daughter to come visit mom by Tuesday?


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A temperature of 105 for an adult is unsafe! The daughter should RUN, not walk, to the Emergency Room!

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Captain Harley is correct. The human brain can cook at these temps.

Ask a doctor at the ER about your mother and daughter situation with cancer.

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To the doctor with the daughter and yes, I would get advice from her mother’s oncologist or doctors about whether she can visit her mum. I am not an expert but I would expect her mother’s immunity is compromised at the moment and it would not be good for her to develop any infection.

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Is the mom considered terminal? If so, she should wear a mask and spend as much time with her mom as possible. She should ask for an isolation gown and and wear gloves as well.

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The mother’s condition would make her extremely susceptible to germs.

Anyone with a temperature of 105 should be seen by a physician.

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Speaking as someone who has re occurring Bladder Cancer, the immune system is compromised in someone who is going for cancer treatments and the daughter probably shoudn’t visit. The daughter is also very sick, pneumonia and 105 fever, and should be taken to the emergency room immediately.
But, both probably want to see each other. How sad! Speak to their doctors for advice. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Our hearts go out to you!

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Give plenty of water? My wife came down with a sudden flu and had 106 one time. All I could do was give her water.

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I would not be surprised if the daughter ends up in the hospital, in which case the visit to the mother is a moot point.

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She should go to the ER, just in case. They would also be able to clear her to see mom on Tuesday, though I wouldn’t until her course of antibiotics goes through.

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Temperatures over 103 or 103.5 that last for over 72 hours are definitely cause for concern. A core body temperature of 107 is lethal. At 105 I’d recommend seeing a doctor, and fast.

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