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'Crafty' jellies... advice needed on repairing a broken wine glass stem?

Asked by ccrow (8082points) December 26th, 2011

I have a very pretty wine glass, a gift from my son and DIL a couple Christmases ago. Unfortunately it took a dive yesterday and the stem broke. Does anyone know of a product I could use to fix it? I have the major pieces of the stem, only missing a couple of chips. I am thinking of a Sculpey or Fimo-like substance, but more like ceramic as I think polymer clay is too flexible to work well. Also something that works in a home oven if it needs to be baked.

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E6000 glue works well on glass and will never ever release its bond once you’ve applied it.

Not sure how to fill in the chips. I wouldn’t use anything that needs to be baked, though. Glass expands when heated, and will break if it is heated too quickly, or if it is mixed with other materials. This is because different materials have different COEs (coefficient of expansion) which means that they expand at different rates.

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@Mariah there would be some gaps if I just glue it, I think; would something like that be strong enough to support the glass with wine in it?

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I do think the glue would hold tight even under that weight. It is ludicrously strong. I wish I had advice for you for filling in the gaps, but I don’t. Hopefully someone else will chime in!

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No, don’t do it. I’m sorry, but you need to replace the glass – or glue it and never use it again, keep it only for show.

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But @YARNLADY it’s really pretty and I don’t want to throw it away!! (whines)

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Something else you could do, to help with structural integrity (after glueing it) is to use a thick gauge wire to create a decorative ‘vine’ that wraps around the stem. Glue it to the base & to the cup – may help a bit, but (the downside) will also set it apart from the others in appearance. Only image I could find that represented this idea is this picture. That wire may be too thin, but you get the idea. Not sure if it would really help, but it was worth mentioning. Best of luck.

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Here’s an idea that may or may not work, but might be worth a try if your only other alternative is to throw it out. Get a propane torch and heat both broken ends of the stem until they are just soft enough to meld together [the flame will begin to glow yellow] then join them and hold them together until they cool and stiffen. You’ll have to make sure they are very straight. Glass isn’t a good conductor of heat so you may be ok without oven gloves, but having them handy might be a good idea. The final outcome will depend on your ability to keep it straight and to not smoosh them together too much and cause a blob at the joint. It won’t be perfect but if it’s too far off you can reheat it and straighten it more. If you do it right, it will definitely be usable, it will still have it’s sentimental value and an interesting story to tell.

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Hmmm… I’m not so sure about me and a propane torch! The glass may actually be crystal; it is thick(for a wine glass) with a cut-in grapevine design, and the rim appears cut also. I haven’t thrown it away yet….

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