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Have you ever had to fix a small crack in your windshield, and if so, how did you do it?

Asked by cbloom8 (1723points) November 3rd, 2009

I recently noticed a three inch crack in my windshield that splintered from a pre-existing chip that has been there for several years. I want to fix it pretty soon, and I’d like to do it cheaply and without replacing the windshield or having to have it in the shop for an extended amount of time.

Have you ever fixed a crack in your windshield, and if so, how? Was it a cheap, quick fix? Was it effective?

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You call the glass doctor. He fixes your panes.

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My husband bought some stuff at the auto supply store thingy and fixed it right up. Previously, he used a windshield glass place, but the last time we had a chip someone told him this store but stuff works and it did. I can ask him later today exactly what he used.

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These are expensive, but you can usually call your local automotive repair store and they will use a device like this on your chip, not too expensive.

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We did what @mowens did for one of our cars, and for another, the crack got so large that we had the entire windshield replaced. Either way was cheap…we prefer to keep our vehicles safe.

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are you in the uk autoglass they’ll do it for free :)

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Find an auto glass dealer. In Colorado, they’ll come to your house and fix your car right there.

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The kit for do it yourself has a syringe and it works, we use it on race cars, where safety is very important.

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