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Just got an iPhone 4, what are some of your favorite games/apps?

Asked by glenjamin (2497points) December 27th, 2011

I’m new to the iphone scene but I love games. I was just wondering what some of your favorite ones are for the iphone, and also any other cool apps. Please add a short description if you can, and also tell me if it’s free!

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Where’s my Water – puzzle game, ever expanding with new levels every month or so
Angry Birds – (if you don’t know what this is, welcome to coming out of the cave!)
Words With Friends – Scrabble-like game played online with friends (or strangers) one move at a time
Facebook/AIM/Twitter/LinkedIn – mobile app versions of those respective websites
Grocery Gadget – store your grocery list, update it whenever you realize you’re out of something, then take it to the store and check off each purchase as you put it in your cart.
Pandora – give it a song or two, and it creates a custom playlist of similar songs that it thinks you’ll like, for free.
ePhotoChest – a convenient password-protected location to store photos you want available to you on your iPhone, but that you don’t want someone who randomly picks up your phone to be able to see
NetFlix – watch your streaming library right on your phone – or buy an HDMI adapter and connect your phone to a TV (like at a hotel or friend’s house) when you’re not at home and watch your library that way.

I’m like 90% sure that all of the above are either free or have a “lite” version that is free (either ad-supported or limited functionality)

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Oplayer Lite is pretty awesome for watching avi files downloaded from the Internet without transcoding them into a format iTunes understands. It is free.

VLC Remote Free is also good for using your iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote for VLC on your computer. Also free.

Garageband is a lot of fun if you have any interest in making music. It is five bucks but totally worth it.

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Dropbox is a very useful app. It allows you to sync your files between all your devices seamlessly. As a student, I can’t live without it. Highly recommended!

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Soundhound is like shazam but way better. Most of the stuff I have on my iDevice is for jailbroken ones though.

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My favorite practical app is ezPDF Reader; it blows every other PDF reader for Android or iOS out of the water.

On the game side, almost all of the ones I like are Android-exclusive, but one I had for iOS that I loved was Dungeon Solitaire.

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The StumbleUpon app is great when you’re bored and looking for something interesting to do.

Mega Jump is and extremely fun and totally free launcher-type game.

MyTown 2 is also a pretty fun game. You put in your city (or any city) and you can create a town of businesses, parks, museums, etc. that are actually in or around that city.

If you like listening to modern music and watching music videos, the Vevo app is great. The sound quality is easily ten times better than that of the Youtube app, and you can listen to individual songs (which you can’t do on Pandora).

Also, just a forewarning, the weather app that comes on it sucks. I strongly recommend getting a different one. (I use the Weather Channel app)

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+1 to Words with Friends. Hanging with Friends is a lot of fun, too. It’s like hangman, but don’t let the simplicity of that game fool you. Like WWF, it’s addictive fun.

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My favorite game apps (all free):
– Temple Run
– Trade Nations
– Flower Garden
– Pocket Frogs

Also, it’s not free but it’s worth every penny: Plants vs. Zombies
Another not free but especially beautiful game: Osmos

Other Favorite Apps (all free):
– Pimp My Screen (free wallpaper and calendars to update your home & lock screens)
– CBS Sunday Morning (can watch Sunday morning broadcasts the rest of the this show)
– PBS app (can watch TV shows from PBS)

..and the obvious like FB and Twitter..

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I really like this app called “Unblock me”, it’s a free app.

It’s a mental game, and you have to rearrange blocks to set one free. It makes me mad sometimes if I can’t figure it out, but it’s always fun. It’s a puzzle game.

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My favorite seems to change each week but I agree with @partyrock , Unblock Me is good, I also like Glass Tower and the one that has me hooked this week is Zen Stones. Bubble Burst had me a few weeks ago. Tanzen is good and Pizza Boy too. I like backgammon, I use a grocery list app. Runkeeper is terrific. For music I find Jango to be excellent. I also have a flashlight, camera, alarm clock and GPS. I don’t know how I ever lived without my iPhone!!!

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I play bubble shooter all the time, talk about addictive. Last night my brother introduced me to Bejewelled as well which could become another time waster for me. I used to love Angry Birds but I am bored of it now.

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@Leanne1986 – if you like those mindless time killers, you have to try glass tower and zen stones. Right now I downloaded Find my water as @MrItty suggested and I think that is going to be this week’s winner! (I see your avatar is a dressage horse this week, are you familiar with Gypsy Vanners? I just found out about them and fell in love! If you don’t know of them, google images and there are so many pics, I love the pintos and dapples!)

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@rooeytoo For Christmas my brother gave me some vouchers for iTunes and apps so I can see me finding a variety of mindless games to kill my time! I’ll check out your recommendations.

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