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Arm hurts after a sneeze, is this a sign of bad heart health?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 27th, 2011

Is this a sign of pre-hyper tension or hyper tension? What can I do to dramatically reduce my body fat.

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First of all, don’t try to make “dramatic” and quick changes in your body. Doing that leads to more problems than any chronic problem that you may already have, such as overweight and hypertension.

Without a whole lot more information from you about the type of pain, exact location, duration, information on the sneezes, etc. even the best diagnostician in the world can’t say anything for sure without seeing you in person. Aside from that, we are not “the best diagnosticians in the world”, and even “the best diagnostician in Fluther” would say “see a doctor”.

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It could be anything, even a pinched nerve from muscle contractions during and after the sneeze.

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This isn’t the first time it’s happened. I’d say about 2 out every 20 sneezes results in either my right arm hurting and today the left one. @CWOTUS The pain is like, a calm one, it isn’t “sharp” but it does make me grab which ever arm is hurting and I feel like I have to massage it right away. From forearm, to bicep tricep area.

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If you think you might have some sort of problem with your heart (or any other major organ) you know you have to go to the doctor. Make an appointment today and put your mind at rest or get treatment for the problem. It could be anything.

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@Bellatrix Yeah I’ll be checking out the school doctor hopefully on campus when it’s opened up again. At the moment I don’t have health insurance so it’s my only option. I’ve been asking questions about my health lately on Fluther so I can go into the doctor not sounding like a paranoid dumby.

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