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How to look uninterested in someone?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) December 28th, 2011

I seem to have fallen in love/have a crush on/ like (what ever you want to call it, im not too sure what going on at the moment) with a teacher of mine, and I know that being in the same room as him makes me nervous, so I stutter and trip over my words in class and will blush whenever he talks to me. How can I make it look as if I am not interested in him? The last thing I want is for him to feel uncomfortable because he can see that I am clearly interested in him. I will look at him more than any other student and point my whole body towards him without knowing, l also blush terribly whenever he talks to me, walks over to me or even just looks at me. Is there anything I can do to control this so he doesn’t know I like him?

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How many people in the class? Is this high school or college? Are you still having general anxiety problems when you are in a group of people?

He is an adult, right? He will overlook your nervousness and self-consciousness. That’s part of his job as teacher.

You are aware that you are pointing your “whole body at him without knowing,” which means that you actually do know. Just ride it out and try not to be too obvious.

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I agree with @gailcalled (again). He has probably experienced having a crush on someone himself, has seen it in other students (is he the good looking teacher in the school?) and if he is a good guy, will act like he hasn’t noticed your nervousness around him. It will pass.

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He may not even recognize it as a “crush,” he may just think that you are bashful… if he even notices at all. People make me blush all the time, that doesn’t mean I am interested in them romantically.

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@gailcalled Its a class of about 25 in a High school, and I should have made it clearer when I said I poin my whole body towards him, one of my friends pointed it out to me, she said that I was making to much of an effort trying to look as if I am listening to him (One of my teachers recently commented on my usually slouched position in class, and how it makes me look as if Im not listening or engaging in class)

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@itsjustcruel: Aha. What about using protective coloration; that is, sit up straight and act engaged and interested in all your classes. That way, your behavior in front of this guy won’t be so noticeable.

What’s he teaching? At least, you will learn the subject matter there (I hope). Look on it as an educational aid.

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Imagine his true life after school. In 10 years he will be overweight and not so good looking. He will still be underpaid for all his knowledge. Teachers who really love their job tend to sacrifice personal time, so you will always come in last. He burps, and farts like everyone else. He may have a very hairy butt, or hairy wings on his back that he hides under his jacket. His place may be a pig sty and he never changes his bed sheets. If he shows interest in a young girl such as yourself than no doubt he likes being put on a pedestal, not the other way around. If he ever started to date you than you have to wonder what does that mean when you get older. Does he only like young girls? In 5 years will you be considered an old hag when you really start to get serious about life?
Does he have a secret life with kids you don’t know about?
Does he have a problem with mature women? Is it they don’t like him once they get to know him?
Does his bvds or his pants have tire tracks?
Does he just wet his hair and slap on colonge to look and smell fresh?
Sure he’s cute and interesting in class but is he a total loser outside of class?
Ask yourself all these questions and you may start to see him in a different light?
He just seems cool because he is more mature than the boys your age but a truly mature and confident man would never look your way.
So slap yourself into reality. The world is huge and you will find love with someone who is your equal. The moment you enter any relationship where you feel the other person is superior, than you will always be the underdog in the relationship.

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Start viewing him as a human being… a human being who has flaws and weaknesses, just like anyone else…. instead of as a teacher you get weak in the knees over.

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@Pandora , I know he isn’t perfect. No person ever will be. And I also know that I cant be in a relationship with him, thats why I am asking this question and not wanting him to know i love him

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@itsjustcruel You may know these things when he is out of sight. What I am suggesting is to concentrate on all the possible negatives whenever he is around. It is possible to kill infatuation, even love. In this case it is probably infatuation because its one sided. You can’t love someone who really isn’t personal with you.
So are you simply trying to rid yourself of your feelings or just hide them. Either way the best way to hide anything is to destroy all evidence of it. You built him up in your mind. You put him on a pedestal.
So now you have to knock him off.

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@Pandora, Thanks, next time I see him I will try that, even if I have to almost make up most of the bad points about him.

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When I was 14, I had a teacher that was very handsome and he was awesome with all of us. He was an english teacher and he would take us on trips if we needed a chaparone to do a report. Once we had to do a report on the United Nations and a couple of us could’nt go without an adult so he took us. Even paid for our meals. He loved to take pictures of us all. He had a side job as a photographer. He dated gorgeous models who he would do portfolios for. He was the youngest of 11 in his family and at 32 was still not married. He would help students who needed extra tutoring on the days he didn’t have to hurry off and coach hockey too. He was a huge hockey fan and lived and breathed it whenever he could. One day the girls asked him why wasn’t he married yet and he said it wouldn’t be fair to anyone but especially his wife. She would have to deal with coming in second and not first in his life. He loved hockey, photography and his students. He said he didn’t need to get married because we were all his children and for now a girlfriend is something he has a hard time holding on to because they always want him to put them first.
What made him a great teacher and person was his passions but it would also make him a rotten spouse and certainly according to his girlfriends (even a rotten friend) because they could never count on him to be available when they needed him.
Some of the boys went to his apartment one day because he didn’t show for practice and he had forgotten. They said his apartment was a pig sty and it smelled like a locker room with cothing and hockey gear laying all about and old left over take out . They laughed and said he must go to the models home because any women in their right mind would go screaming out of there.
I think it gave all the girls a different picture of Mr. Perfect.
Of course it could’ve been just jealous 14 year old boys but then I figured on his schedule he probably never had time to clean.

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