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What is the best cure for a sunburn?

Asked by sarbee (242points) May 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I got an incredibly bad sunburn yesterday, I can’t move enough to go to the store and by aloe. What is a good home remedy for a sunburn?

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Aloe is the best, IMHO, but an oatmeal bath will work as well as the other suggestions mentioned.

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thanks for the link…awesome answers

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I never see this answer anywhere….but I swear by Noxima. Works wonders every time.

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White Vinegar!

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Aloe is unbeatable the day after. But if you get home from the beach and find yourself sunburnt, cut some slices of a tomato and put it on your skin, this has a very soothing effect.

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cream called Biafine.

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I always soak in tepid water with Baking Soda. Stings but makes is heal much faster. Jason’s organic 80 percent aloe lotion is awesome to apply 3 times a day also. And there are some creams that relieve pain but I have not used them.

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The best cure is prevention. Next time sunscreen and cover up.

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