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What is best way to get rid of a Stye under your eyelid?

Asked by Hudson707 (8points) September 21st, 2007 from iPhone

I tend to get styes quite often and currently have a pretty bad one. What is the fastest way to get rid of one, what causes them, and how do you prevent them?

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I heat up a wash cloth with hot water. Then I hold it over my eye lid and repeat. Do this over and over to speed the natural release of fluid from the stye. Get it as hot as you can stand for faster results.

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I get them regularly. Srthill is right. Use hot compresses 5–6 x daily for 5–10 minutes. I microwave a wash cloth in order to have it stay hotter longer, but be careful not to burn your eyelid. Skin is very sensitive.

My doc also said to wash my eyelashes during morning and evening abultions w. baby shampoo and a clean washcloth (which I do religiously). Shampoo doesn’t sting, of course. Also he always gives me a 2-week Rx for antibiotic drops. Caused by infection and will often recur, as it does w. me. Officially called a Hordeolum. stye

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There’s an OTC product called stye. It might be worth a try.

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Using old eye make up like mascara will cause eye infections.

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If styes aren’t treated properly and w. scrupulous hygiene, they can become severe enough to require lancing by an Ophthamologist, an experience to be avoided at all cost. Gooch is correct about old eye make-up, and I personally would stay away from any OTC products. If Hudson is male, then eye make-up isn’t an issue. As I age, I have stopped using it anyway, particularly since I started developing styes. My life is just as happy w/o mascara and liner, I find.

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WebMD has a nice article on this topic. I have this problem, too, and find that daily application of the wet, warm compress does a nice job of preventing it from happening, and treating it when it I get lax and it strikes.

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Try the eyelash washing w. baby shampoo daily also as a preventative. That advice cost me a large bill from Opthamologist’s. And I find that using it allows me to avoid the daily application and seems to now, finally prevent the stye from developing .I will check out the WebMD link. Thanks, Carlosp.

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Use rose water in the afftected eye.Also use good eye drop.

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i used to get them a ton and havent had one in years. (knock on wood!) I think it can be related to stress too. also if you wear contacts you made need to get a stronger cleaning solution or change them more often

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As has been mentioned above, repeated warm compresses are the treatment of choice. Since a stye (or hordeolum) is caused by an obstructed mucous gland, the warm water/towel helps loosen the obstruction and release the fatty material inside. The exact role of bacterial infection is unclear, and in fact, antibiotics are rarely necessary unless there is concern for bacterial superinfection. In general, I am against the profligate use of antibiotics, as would be the case for a “routine” stye that is destined to go away on its own.

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i think smoking too much pot will do it, seems to be my cause…

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Tobradex and antibiotic. I get them regularly and my doctor has decided that I know what I’m talking about when I say I have one and writes me a script every year at my eye exam for one bottle of drops and one of antibiotics.

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FYI, tobradex is an antibiotic (tobramycin) combined with a steroid. For the majority of individuals, no antibiotics are needed as a stye is simply a small boil at the site of a an eyelash. Topical antibiotics won’t help as much as warm compresses and allowing the stye to open up on its own.

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My ophthalmologist generally gives an oral antibiotic in addition to the Tobradex order to make sure that the infection is gone. Then again, my vision is so incredibly bad that anything with my eyes is a major issue. In addition, all my styes are internal, on the inside of the eyelid instead at the site of an eyelash. Not all stys are external, not all styes respond to “letting it open up on its own.”

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What do I know? I’m just an infectious diseases doctor.

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@shilolo I know from experience that mine do not do well or open up on their own when left alone/treated with compresses. I’m not alone in this.

My ophthalmologist, who deals with eyes only, has told me what I know about styes. I’m not just pulling it out of my butt.

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im considering the smoking too much pot.hmmm

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♥ tea bags.
♥A bowl.
♥ wash cloth.
♥warm/hot water.
i rip the tea bag open pour it in the bowl put the wash cloth in the bowl and put in the microwave for a minute. then i put the wash cloth over my eye. untill the wash cloth has cooled down and i rinse it off and get another bowl if water and another tea bag. dont dip wash cloth in the same water over and over again what ever drained out of your eye onto the
wash cloth can spread.

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