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Who do you think is the most attractive person you have ever seen?

Asked by atr408 (357points) May 18th, 2008 from iPhone

doesn’t have to be someone you have seen in real life. It could be someone you seen on tv or somthing.

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besides me?

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Every time I look into a mirror…I see her.

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Wow. We must have the same kind of mirror!

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If by attractive you mean physical beauty, then Scarlett Johansson without a doubt.

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Jessica Alba, come on.

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Honestly, my husband (laughing hysterically)

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@Magnus, I’m no dude but I’d wager you got that surname wrong. If we’re voting for a woman, I’d have to say Biel not Alba.

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In response to spendywatson.
No, I believe I got the surname right! Hehe.

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Mine changes almost hourly. Right now I’m feelin’ Phoebe Cates (back in the day).

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jessica Gomes. Stunning. Looks like she has a realistic body to. None of this stick figure garbages.

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Hmm…now I’m thinking Bridget Bardot.

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Elisha Cuthbert.

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my boyfriend.

And… Don’t make fun of me but I am MAJORLY digging how Robert Downey Jr looked in the movie Ironman.

Also Denzel ;)

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I’m sorry… did you mean while he was in the Iron Man suit?

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Haha!! No. While he was in his tight fitting shirts.. He looked muscular (but not too muscular). I don’t know, I liked his confidence. I guess what i am saying ls
that… Confidence is attractive
Maybe the suit too… ;)

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Gonna pump some iron, are ya? ;-)

TheHaight's avatar

see, I’m getting made fun of. :(
sad face.

kevbo's avatar

Awww. Sorry.

you know what it means when boys tease you, right?

TheHaight's avatar

HaH! Kevbo you sillybilly.
Scarlett Johanson? I do agree with you on that one.

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@peedub, Phoebe Cates is up there for me too. She tipped the scales for me in favour of Billy in this epic battle.

wildflower's avatar

Jon Bon Jovi without a doubt.
Although I can go along with the Robert Downey Jr. idea too….and I’ve always found there to be a special something about Bruce Willis…...

nocountry2's avatar

Angelina Depp (this child in my imagination is a goddess)

zarnold's avatar

@peedub: I definitely agree about Phoebe…there’s a girl at my school who looks just like her (maybe even better)!

But to be honest, I think the most attractive might have to be that KGB agent from From Russia With Love, although there are lots of Bond girls to choose from.

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@zarn- so true. Sixties European is a pretty unstoppable combo.

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the guy who plays peter in heroes drool

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I watched “Someone Like You” the other night (i know, I know, awful chick flick) and I must say, I couldn’t decide who I would jump first in the kitchen scene – Ashley Judd or Hugh Jackman.

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Angelina Jolie. And Jude law

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Pheobe cates, yup!

For guys, Paul Numan is just damn handsom!

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How’s this for a one-two punch?

Portia de Rossi based on physical appearance.

Ellen DeGeneres based on personality, attitude, generosity.

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I met Robert Downey Jr. once. I think he’s really HOT! Super nice too.

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Angelina Jolie; Nicole Kidman; Sandra Bullock.

Guys: Christian Bale; Julian (don’t remember last name from Charmed & Nip/Tuck);Daniel Craig; Orlando Bloom.

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nick jonas or joe jonas

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@dayeshere: that is so COOL. I’m Jealous! Haha.

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I have a bit of a crush on Penelope Cruz at the moment.

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Young Robert Redford.

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For me it’s a three way tie between Vida Guerra, Jessica Alba and that one girl from L.A. Ink. I think her name is Cat?

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has everyone forgotten heidi klum?! geez!

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Kat Von D…droool

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Have you ever watched one of those Latino soap operas….The women are stunning.
There are scores of attractive people on Television, so unlike the real world.

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…and Anne Hathaway is super hot lately. <3

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Some beautiful musicians who come to mind…

Dave Matthews and Boyd Tinsley dueling on guitar and violin

Chris Martin banging on his piano

Flea ripping his bass

Yo-Yo Ma wailing on his cello

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There’s just something about Al Pacino…yummmm.
As far as women are concerned, I think Angelins Jolie is extremely HOT.

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Lyle Lovett.

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Man – Peter off heroes (Miro)
Woman – Jennifer love hewitt

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