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Why are cats so cute and smart?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 30th, 2011

This cat is much cuter than a pink marshmallow and if you stay and watch the next video, the cat there is the real meow, imo. : )

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I am going to moderate my answer a bit, because clearly you like cats, but I find them to be temperamental and sinister creatures. And I wouldn’t say smart as much as I would say sly. I feel like they always have an ulterior motive. Not a cat fan. Sorry :(

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Cats….Ahhh super cute they are. I have a black Siamese and a Hemingway that is still a kitten. As far as them being smart? I guess that is a matter of opinion. I find cats to generally be pretty stupid. The term, 9 lives does not come from being the sharpest tool in the shed.


I love cats, and I think that cat in the video is sooo cute! I think he’s bored. I used to have a cat that looked like that. It was a stray that wandered into my yard when I was a young teenager. I named him Merko.

I think cats are cute too, and why some people dislike them (a lot of guys for some reason) is beyond me. They are very physical creatures that love to be comforted, love to be with their human owners, and show love in a different way from dogs.

I love dogs too. I think dogs are more loyal than cats, but some cats are very attached to their owners too. When I was in college, I had a tabby that “waited” for me outside the bathroom as I showered and got ready for bed. She would faithfully wait for me to come out, and when I did she always started to meow loudly.

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They understand the philosophy of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover: Make a new plan, Stan You don’t need to be coy, Roy Just get yourself free. Hop on the bus, Gus You don’t need to discuss much. Just drop off the key, Lee… In kitty language that means “feed me or leave me.” Cat’s have a very flippant attitude which leaves them lots of room to be quite cute and smart with little to lose.

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I have no idea why cats are so cute, but I’m glad they are. :D I think the Egyptians were on to something, too. You have to be a pretty badass people to have about twelve hundred gods that are all about disease and death, but still go around cuddling kitties all day long. :D

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Before you go calling cats smart, I would suggest reviewing their atrocious record vis-à-vis grammar.

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I like cats as well as dogs. They can both can be very cute and affectionate. But you have to earn a cat’s affection and you do it through mutual respect. I have a female cat that raises her arms way over her head and extends her claw while she waits for her food. She is very careful never to scratch or bite me when I’m playing with her with a ball or string. She is so gentile. She doesn’t meow, she makes high pitched squeaks. I had a male cat that was friendly but would also scratch me badly. They all seem to have different personalities.

@Ponderer983 Oh like there aren’t any bad dogs that too frequently kill and maim people. You don’t like cats because you have never had a good one.

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If cats were so smart they’d stay the hell out of my backyard and away from my brother’s dog. Stupid cats are stupid… Or suicidal.

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Bah, I’ll like cats when they stop coming into my yard, pooping everywhere, and killing native endangered animals. Until then I’ll busy myself with wishing them all ill. Goddamn cats.

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I’m kinda neutral on cats. Some are very cute. Wild cats (lions, panthers, etc.) are amazing.

As pets, I wouldn’t know as I am extremely allergic to them. I can’t even visit the house of a cat owner for more than thirty-minutes without having a severe reaction. Even if the actual cat is not on premises. It’s a shame, as I have friends houses I have never seen as they are cat owners.

I’ll have to take your word for it on how smart they are.

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They just are!

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Only those who have really known and loved a cat can attest to their superiority in any way. They are obviously the most intelligent life form in the universe. Why else would we treat them as gods?

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@gondwanalon Ummm did I say I liked dogs either?

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Because they are literal gods, and they know it.
unlike dogs, which are just abominations and an insult to true wolves and should all be snuffed out of existence in the most cruel way imaginable.

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I was going to give @ragingloli a great answer… But dogs are cool, it’s the owners who need sorting out.
My comment regarding cats is simple: wait until they actually do grow thumbs. That’s all it would take for them to inherit the earth, in my humble opinion.
our two bengals are nearly there already… help us.. help us…

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total agreement with @tinyfaery , please help…

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@SavoirFaire That was awesome. Her eye of Horus lmao.

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Well, cats do pay attention and can be quite playful. :)

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because they do this
absolutely fantastic >:3

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