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What does "Coy Lust" mean to you?

Asked by Earthflag (549points) December 31st, 2011

I’m trying to find a band name for my new band. I liked the contrast between coy and lust, and I came up with Coy Lust.

Do you like it? What does it really mean to you?

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Is this a girl band? I’m not a fan of the name.

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Horny Asian Fish

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Hahaha.. Well I’m the only girl in it. Any suggestions then?

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What type of music do you play? Where are you from? How old are you guys? Who are your influences?

Gimme some material to work with here.

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Alright sounds good! I’m the vocalist and the only girl.
Rock band that uses some synths.
Maybe similar to the killers and coldplay with a little bit of my chemical romance.
we are 19–25
Well I’m the only international one, but we are all in NYC right now so that’s what matters.
The music is more sentimental. I love ancient poetry, so that might help, maybe?
I think a band name is really, really important. It completes an image.

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I think your screen name Earthflag would be a good band name, if it hasn’t been taken already.

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@chyna Yeah?? hmm.. Wow I didn’t even think about it!!!

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@chyna It doesn’t look/sound artistic though.. The symbols used in concerts are “space” images and videos etc.

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I just thought of Starlet, Moonlit, Wanderlust, but they are all taken either by bands or car brands :/

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that sounds kind of gay… It’s already taken too :(

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Although I love the Uber part, because I’m a fan of Nietzsche :D

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Nietzsche might not agree with you. (What does “kind of gay” mean? 40%, 11.5%, 95%?)

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Wolves and Vixen.
Just from the top of my head.

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Used Too

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Any band name that uses the word lust just sounds too obvious to me, like you’re shouting, “Hey folks we’re super-sexy!” like they can’t figure that out for themselves. On the other hand, the word coy by itself sounds great because it means shy yet attracted and it’s also a man’s name, so you’re never quite sure what you mean. Your avatar name is great too.

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Tomorrow’s Noon

The Swoon Brothers featuring Your Name

Person of Substance

Tender Regrets

Lost Love Lost

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