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Asked by iamatypeofwalrus (259points) May 18th, 2008

So my girlfriend’s mother asks me to check out her laptop because she continually gets pop ups “alerting” her that her computer has a virus on it. After numerous attempts to remove the spyware to no avail, I’ve almost given up.

Can anyone recommend a good, and preferably free, spyware remover for windows? I’d really hate to have to reinstall windows but it’s incredibly frustrating for her mother. Plus, brownie points are awesome.

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avast, avg, and spybot search and destroy

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avast is good to prevent viruses and is free but won’t remove some spyware. Go to and download the free version. It works great. Depending on how bad the spyware is you might need to run it multiple times. Just run it till the only thing that it detects are tracking cookies which are harmless.

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Spybot Search and Destroy, definately Google for it. Super-Anti Spyware seems like spyware itself, so I wouldn’t use that.

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well, you could also run hitman pro if you’re already infected…

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I was skeptical about superantipyware myself but it worked great. It got some hardcore spyware off my computer that avast, avg, spybot, or adaware couldn’t get because I tried them all.

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Back in the day when I had a PC I used Ad-Aware. Run it regularly to scan your PC for Spyware. It’s very good and doesn’t cost a thing!

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Back before I had a Mac and my PC was continually infested with viruses, I’d run WipeDrive then reinstall Windows.

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It could be a trojan, I just got one on my laptop. I’m having it re-set to the manufacturers settings… apparently that’s the only way to 100% knock it out.

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