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Whats up with my computer?

Asked by sandystrachan (4417points) April 7th, 2009

Start of the year i tried to install SP3 for Windows XP, but for some reason my computer wouldn’t accept it ( its a real Windows pc not a copy ) so i had to revert back to last known working settings. Now when i start up the computer it loads desktop as normal, then after a few seconds the screen blinks ( goes black ) then blinks back to desktop . What is up with that i don’t have any virus nor maleware or such things that can be found anyway . And the settings has not been touched ANY IDEAS. ?

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Is there anything actually wrong with the computer? Or is it just the blinking that has you concerned?

Does everything operate normally after the blink?

Sounds to me like you have some graphics glitch.. like a driver that needs updating.. or a setting that kicks in at boot time.

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As far as i can see everything works well it is just manly the minor blink that is getting on my wick . Everything is up to date ,

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That’s an indicator of Windows taking a long time to load your desktop. If you want to experiment, try going back to a generic desktop. The easiest way to do this without losing anything is just to create another user account with a default profile, and log in as that user.

You may have startup programs going to the notification area that are causing this issue, too. Use the msconfig command to see what is starting with Windows, and selectively disable some of the startup programs until you find the one that’s taking the longest to start up. Antivirus programs are the worst offenders.

While you are there, stop next door at the Services tab, select Hide All Microsoft Services, and see what is there. You can selectively disable those, too. Selective start can always be easily undone, so you’re not going to hurt the machine by experimenting.

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boot into safemode and see what happens….If it happens in safemode it could be a graphics issue…

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Graph card is on its last legs , buying something new soon tho either laptop or mac undecided tho

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