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Why does my cat smell sooooooo good? Does your cat smell this good?

Asked by deni (23125points) January 1st, 2012

My cat, Barnacle, constantly smells like the most amazing thing you can ever imagine. Either like clean laundry that’s been hanging out on the line to dry, or I described it today as smelling like “a charming and handsome 50 year old man”....not sure if that makes sense, maybe you just had to smell him. It was incredible. I just wanted to keep my face planted in his stomach fluff. Anywho….he regularly smells this good and I think as cats go, he doesn’t bathe as much as many cats do….so why the extraordinary smell, shouldn’t he just smell neutral?

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All the cats, kittens, and puppies I used to have (and the dog I have now) have always smelled good….they have a “cute smell” that I can’t describe, a smell that is agreeable and well, cute!

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I’ve had several cats, but only one had the smell you’re describing. It was stronger when he was a kitten, but still noticeable at adulthood. Loved that cat.

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Yes, my cat smells good. I can quite happily snuggle up to him with my face near his little furry, ginger body.

Cats don’t smell so good when wet though in my experience.

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my cat smells better than your cat

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@Carol DOUBT IT!

@MRSHINYSHOES I guess all cats I’ve had in the past have also been outside cats so they always just smelled like….cat. Not great but not bad. Clean but woodsy I’d say lol. But ugh, it is such a good smell. Puppy especially.

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Could it be that he has access to somebody’s aftershave and may be rolling in it and then coming to you smelling all musky, sandalwoody and spicy????

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I love the smell of my dog. She doesn’t smell of laundry but she has her own smell that I adore. I can’t even describe it but she smells especially good when she’s been sleeping. She smells cozy if that’s possible.

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My cats just smell like… cat. I want a yummy smelling kitty!

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My cats smell yummy!!

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Awe! I wish I knew what my kitty smells like now! You guys are lucky! Will one of you come over and smell my cat???

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My dog has a naturally good spicy fresh scent when he’s clean (which he doesn’t always want to be).

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This is so funny, my sister is obsessed with my cat’s scent, hahaha. I’ve never quite understood it, though!

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@ZEPHYRA It really does smell like that, but that’s definitely not what he’s doing. But it’s such a pronounced cologne-y smell, maybe he’s rolling in my roommates sheets and acquiring his scent. I just think it’s so funny.

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My cat usually smells good but I always thought this was due to her box being filled with scented litter.

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By big fluffy male always smells good, but my little female kitty always smells like their litter, LOL.

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