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Where to find graduate scholarships for international students?

Asked by mho (17points) January 1st, 2012

My son is applying for MS in United States. Where can he/I find scholarships? And, who is eligible? any criteria?

Besides, I would like to ask few more questions.
1. How many scholarships can he apply for?
2. Can he apply for both scholarships and assistant-ships (RA/TA) at the same time?
3. Is spending so much on graduate studies worth it?
4. I want him return back after he completes graduation. But he insists he will return, but after gaining some work experience. I would like him to marry and then work if he wants after graduation. Your opinion?
5. Can he get a job after graduation there?
6. He says his field of study is new to our country, so he will bring in that after studying, and thus can get a job here afterwards. He adds it will be easier to find a job here if he gains some experience there. How do I know it will be so?
7. Are scholarships available only to specific fields of study?

To clarify, he is not national of United States, and hasn’t traveled abroad before. He has completed bachelors in mechanical engineering. And, he wants to study operations research for MS. I am telling him to apply to both operations research and industrial engineering. If you please, can you answer same for other fields of study too? Following are fields.
Mechanical engineering, fluid and heat
Computer Science

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I am worried about him to send him abroad, for there have been many incidents of attacks on international students in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada. Is United States safe?

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I asked a question regarding Operations Research; you might want to take a look. Regarding India, operations research is a new field here. Presently, to my knowledge, it is limited to academics. Industrial engineering is also not popular here as compared to mechanical engineering or computer science. It is chiefly used in large companies. Few consulting firms carry out industrial engineering services like stop watch time study, MOST, line balancing, etc.

Yes, I think few years of work experience in developed country like US will definitely help him not only to get a better job home but also perform his activities more efficiently.

Another advantage in studying in US, as I see, is lot of research work. Much extensive research work is carried out in US and much funds are spent on research. There are very few countries in the world that can spend so much on research. You may check if funding is available with universities to get financial aids. Rest, I too am much unaware of scholarships in US.

After completing bachelors in mechanical, he can go to mechanical, aeronautical, automobile, engineering mechanics, fluid and heat engineering, industrial engineering, operations research, and many more. I think education in US is quite flexible; he may go to computer science after bachelors in mechanical.

He may also look into some other countries like England, Germany, France, Canada where education is better. Germany has got latest technology in automobiles; and spending on research is also admirable there. However, to study in European countries, he should at least be able to communicate in the local language. Japan and China are also emerging as good educational hubs. Singapore university is also good. Indian education offers education at very low cost as compared to other developed countries. But it is catching up and research work is very much limited by funds here.

About safety? I think you are reasonable. But after all one has to overtake obstacles.

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I can’t address your questions about your son’s chosen field, but I have some suggestions for scholarships. Because your son is an international student and not eligible for federal financial aid from the US government (as far as I know), your best option will probably be to find scholarships through the school he attends. Once he has been accepted to one or more schools, contact the financial aid office and the office of graduate studies at each school. These should both have recommendations for grants and scholarships that your son qualifies for.

You asked if he can apply for both scholarships and RA/TAships—that should not be a problem. Assistantships will likely come through his department or program, whereas scholarship money will come from some other source.

Your son may also be able to apply for scholarships from organizations in your country that sponsor studying overseas.

I do not think safety is too much of an issue. Although I don’t have statistics about this, in my experience, college campuses tend to be fairly insulated from violent crime.

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