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Does anyone know what this "shirt" is called?

Asked by lanahopple (455points) January 3rd, 2012

I saw this shirt at a concert, and I think it looks pretty cool and was wondering what it is called?

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Link is broken.

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That is a link to to file on your computer and will not work. Upload it here and try posting the link it gives you.

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here it is:
Maybe that’s why I couldn’t figure out the name of it, it is invisible!

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Looks like a string bikini.

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Without knowing what the front of the blouse looks like, I’m going to say “generic backless halter top”. It scares me sometimes that I know some of the things I know.

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Apron Top. The one in the picture happens to be a skimpy one. But the same type of top.

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Oh my god *facepalm

I saw something like this on an IRC quote but never thought I’d ever see it.

So this isn’t deleted I agree with @johnpowell

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@jp You fashionista, you!

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@johnpowell…what @marinelife said, I’m impressed!

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I love that it was the guys that chimed in and knew :-)

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I live in Eugene, Oregon. There is a store a block away that sells them. I walked down there and asked them what they are called. I see them all the time here.

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Gotta love hippie citty eh @johnpowell ? How about them Ducks! Woot!

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@johnpowell is a pretty young dude so I’m not surprised that he knew the answer but @CWOTUS how the hell did you know and the fact that you did is definitely a bit worrisome!!


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Hmmm… three younger sisters, two wives and uncounted girlfriends. (The sisters in parallel, the wives and girlfriends taken serially. And “taken” in the broadest sense, not the sense that my dirty mind tells me that it will be generally interpreted after a moment’s thought.)

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You are all Fashionistas!! thanks for the help

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