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What's a great website design for buying a single consumer product?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) July 29th, 2010

I’m looking for examples of very simple, nicely designed websites for purchasing a single type of consumer product. It could be a device or a piece of clothing, or a game, or something else but what I’m looking for is a well done site that’s very clear, simple, straightforward, easy to use, that sells a single interesting product. It might have a gallery of styles for the product. It might have a simple video showing the product in use. It might have an ecommerce store for buying it. It might have testimonials and links to social media. Etc. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Does Amazon fit your critera?

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I’m building one now for a company with just 2 products, but it isn’t done yet so I can’t point youn to it.

Basically, the opening page needs to tell visually what the site is all about. Within a fraction of a second, users decide whether you have what they are looking for or not. So say it with pictures, and while you need text there for search engines to read, never believe the user will take time to read it to decide what you sell and how to buy it.

Make sure there is a call to action that is obvious. Make the ordering process as obvious and easy as possible.

If information and customer testimonials are available, post links to them.

Make sure your header includes things to build consumer trust and confidence. Icons that show the site is secure, BBB , Trade Associations, an 800 number so if they have a problem with their order, they know they can get in touch with you.

Happy motoring.

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Listen to @rpmpseudonym Woot does an amazing job of selling a single product. I spend much of my day doing User Experience and Landing Page testing. We use eye tracking and user behavior software to create web pages that convert.

Even with all the tools we have there is still no substituting for the following guidelines, keep these in mind with your design and you will be on your way to a well converting page:

1. Be sure your product is prominently displayed high on the page give it the “hero shot”
2. Keep it simple! Everyone loves the product they are selling, but users like pictures, charts & graphs not big blocks of text (reading scares people)
3. Make sure the process in which the user converts (the funnel) is clearly marked and easy to maneuver
4. Know your audience. People like me always have a million ideas on how to get you more conversions, but you know your audience better than we do so don’t go with an idea that doesn’t sit right with you.

Also be very careful using video. Videos can add a lot to a page, but if your goal is to sell a product then the chances are stacked against you that the video will help gain conversions.

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Dear pallen,

One of the best designed websites I’ve ever seen is for the company called Acrylic Apps ( They sell Mac software, but only have a few products. The pages they’ve crafted for each product effectively sell just that product and incorporate a nice blend of text, images, and, in the case of Wallet, a video too. One of their most attractive pages is this one:

Hope that helps!

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Come to think of it, we just did a single-product Website, but what it is selling is a bit unusual. It’s is a 2-week workshop for young people who love to play rock music. And it does use a video—although if I had my way the lead video would be one of a workshop, with vignettes showing how much fun the workshop is and how great the sound is at the end of two weeks.

This one has a lot more content than the typical single product website, but for its purpose, the content is needed.

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Here’s another one selling just 2 products. We just finished up work on it this week, and the site owner has to hook up his merchant account to it before he moves the Domain Name Pointers from his old site to it. That’s why it’s curreltly using the relatively long, ugly URL instead of

The target here was to make it very obvious this is about supplements and to have clear calls to action on the opening page to lead anyone who is interested in such a product to the next step of learning more about it and hopefully ordering it.

Let us know when you settle on a design and get your site launched.

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