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Should businessmen who buy a business and then sell parts off and close the business be charged with murder?

Asked by filmfann (48228points) January 4th, 2012

The Supreme Court and the Republican Party agree that corporations are human beings. Here is Romney saying exactly that.

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No silly, you can’t kill a parts¿¿¿

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And corporations who absorb other companies must be charged with murder, too, specifically cannibalism.

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One of my computers has a background that says, “I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

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You and I are shareholders of the corporation so, in essence, corporations are (made up) of people. When corporations suffer, we shareholders suffer.

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I think that 5/9 of the Supreme court is guilty of malfeasance in office and should be impeached. Any reading and history of the Constitution shows that we rebelled against corporate power. For the first fifty years of our history corporations had a 50 year limit. After that they had to be broken up. 29 states have laws preventing corporations from donating to elections because they saw the undue influence they wielded during the “gilded age” prior to a great depression,

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If your business fails, can you be be guilty of abortion?

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And this is why you must treat your purchases carefully. Every dollar you spend should be looked at as political donation. Donate wisely.

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They might be able to argue it down to assault and battery.

@SavoirFaire do @filmfann‘s question and details combine to make a modo hoc fallacy?

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@DaphneT I don’t think so. Do you? If so, why?

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Businesses can never die as long as there is even one asset left somewhere, no matter who owns it at the time. By the time all assets of a business are actually gone, people will have long forgotten there was a business there that no longer exists.

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@SavoirFaire I was reading the phrase on your link to fallacy of composition and something about the phrase ”...informal error of assessing meaning to an existent based on the constituent properties…” struck a chord relative to the question. However, here’s where I must admit that I lack sleep and the random thoughts of do the dishes and go to bed are compromising my thinking.

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Ha! I guess since we now know that corporations are persons, then killing one is murder. The Supreme Corporocrats didn’t think this one through fully before they rendered their “opinion”.

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