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Would Jesus feel comfortable using your bathroom?

Asked by saint (3972points) January 4th, 2012

Meaning, how clean is it? In my opinion, a lot of general untidyness may be mitigated by a clean bathroom. On the other hand, I think a dirty bathroom is a ticket to Hell.

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Didn’t Jesus do his business in a hole in the ground? I think I can do a bit better than that.

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My bathroom is very clean. I’m a bit OCD with my bathroom. I clean the toilet everyday.

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Right now my master bathroom is very clean, but I do have some dirty laundry waiting to be taken to the laundry room on the step to my bathtub. I also have some cosmetics out next to my sink. So, clean, but a little untidy.

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I am a bachelor.

I clean the bathroom when I expect female company.

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I am pretty sure that even the most filthy of today’s toilets would be an improvement over what was common during Jesus’ alleged existence.

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Yes, but his followers have to go out back (on the neighbors’ side of the lawn).

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I bet Jesus is happy you thought of Him. He probably would look right past the biffy to the real problem… the porcelain of my heart and all its stains.

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I live in a small room that is separate from the house and about 100 feet away from the actual bathroom. I just piss in the backyard or out the window. I only really go in the house when I wake up to take a shit and shower. I can cook out here and I have stuff to shave and brush my teeth out here.

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It depends how desperate he is.

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The question isn’t whether Jesus would be comfortable using my bathroom; it’s whether I’d be comfortable with him using my bathroom. Dead guy in my john? No thanks.

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It’s not made of clay or carved stones, and has heat/cooling. He would feel guilty for using such a luxurious lavatory.

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Jesus was a carpenter. I am sure he would be more comfortable in my bathroom than a port-a-potty.

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@smilingheart1 I love how you ran with that metaphor.

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As if I’d let him in my house.

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Jesus would weep.

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Im just not down with dead people using my bathroom.

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I would expect him to be very forgiving of all our shortcomings.

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Seems to me that he was pretty comfortable where ever he was (well, except for those last few days.) He could use my bathroom if he needed to. I wouldn’t mind.

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Totally! I have a bible in there… well about ¼ of one anyway… makes for decent toilet paper. :D

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He would probably be confused as to why you were calling him “Jesus”.

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@cheebdragon Yeah, he’d probably just think we had a cold and keep saying “God bless you.”

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He’d be delighted—His image miraculously appeared in the scum coating the bowel.

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As regards cleanliness, he WOULD be proud! Now the size of the room is tiny, so tiny that he may be tempted to perform one of his miracles to extend it!

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@Blueroses Yeah. Technically, wasn’t Jesus a bum? I don’t think he’d give a shit much about any bathroom.

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He lived in Palestine 2,000 years ago and probably did his business in a ditch. I have indoor plumbing, running hot water, a shower and a bath, soap, shampoo – he’d love it, and wouldn’t care about the dog-hairs on the carpet.

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The more important question: If Jesus were alive today, would he use razor blades or an electric razor?

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Ticket to Hell in my house, by your description. But then, so many feel that if you can’t eat off the porcelain, it’s filthy.

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My bathroom is more clean than dirty. I have a professional cleaning lady come every two weeks, and between that I try to keep the floor clean and the toilet seat clean.

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He would probably be shocked about indoor plumbing and would need some instruction. I’d be happy to help.

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i’d ask him to use his magic to clean it for me.

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When you really have to go, you have to go, so regardless of how dirty a bathroom is, if you’re ready to go in your pants, you just deal with it. If a bathroom is so bad that you can afford to wait, then you didn’t have to go that bad. Since Jesus probably went to the bathroom standing up, the cleanliness of the bathroom was probably not an issue for Him.

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@jca – when I really have to go, even the forest is OK with me.

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@elbanditoroso: I don’t have it that good! I can pee in the woods but not poo. I guess if I really had to go, but I have never been in that situation. I need 3 minutes of privacy and comfort to be able to relax.

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