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Do you eat cereal/nutrition/protein bars?

Asked by robdamel (786points) January 8th, 2012

Do you eat on a normal basis cereal/nutrition/protein bars?
Have you ever made them at home?

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Most cereal bars are so sicky-sweet I can’t stand them. However, there are a few not-so-sweet ones out there, such as Kashi. I also buy the least sweet granola.

No, I’ve never made one, because it’s easier to buy it.

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The protein bars I almost never eat, I try one every so often and I don’t understand the appeal of them.

Sometimes I do buy granola bars, I like one of the Kashi crunchy bars, and there is another brand that has a chewy granola bar with some nuts and fruit that I like. I take them on trips usually, or buy them for my husband as a snack for work and wind up eating a couple myself. Maybe I buy a box every two months.

I have never made them at home, unless you count rice crispy squares, but I have thought about making my own granola bars. A neighbor of mine when I was little used to make her own.

We also buy pop tarts, I rarely eat them, but my husband goes through about a box every two weeks.

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I eat a Kashi honey/almond/flax bar about 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes as part of breakfast, sometimes as an afternoon snack. I like them because there is no HFCS or artificial sweetener. They’re a little higher in protein than many cereal bars, so that’s another plus.

I make breakfast bars for my husband. They’re like a bar cookie more than a granola bar. I’ve modified the recipe a little to get rid of some of the saturated fat. I also switched from sugar to real maple syrup but that got expensive pretty quickly. I’ve since switched to honey for that reason. He says that they’re still good, just not as good as they were. I think he misses the butter.

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I have made granola and muesli.

I now eat Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus, because it has a higher protein content than most cereal.

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I have had ceeral bars before, but I find them quite boring.

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I love the Clif Builder Bars (especially mint chocolate) and occasionally eat granola bars, but only if they contain chocolate and peanut butter. I want the taste of candy without feeling quite as guilty afterwards. I only eat these when I am between classes or work appointments and cannot stop to have a real meal.

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No, they’re usually too sweet for my taste and real food I like better is a lot less expensive to eat.

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We eat the Kashi bars also. My sweetie likes the softer bars, while I eat the chewy ones and the “Go Lean” bars. they are a good breakfast for commuters.

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I’m terrible about eating regular meals, so I always have granola bars, cereal bars, nut bars, and the like on hand. I eat them several times a week.

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