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What are some Cherokee Indian superstitions, traditions, myths?

Asked by Mtrencher (187points) January 8th, 2012

Ex: Apple peel thrown over your shoulder will spell the name of the person you are to marry.

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initial, not name.

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“A Water Spider with black downy hair and red stripes on her body brought fire to the Cherokee, after much frustrating effort.”

“The hummingbird frequently draws nectar from tobacco blooms. In Cherokee mythology, it brought tobacco to the Cherokee. Unlike our modern age, the Cherokee believed that tobacco had powerful medicinal qualities. The Cherokee gave it credit for easing suffering by smoking it.”

“The killing of an eagle to obtain the prized feathers could only be done by a designated eagle killer, who like other “professions” within the tribe, was specifically chosen and trained for that purpose. The eagle killer was taught not only how to kill an eagle, but also the “prescribed forms and the prayers to be said afterwards in order to obtain pardon for the necessary sacrilege, and thus ward off vengeance from the tribe. Killing an eagle out of season, late fall or winter, could cause a front to destroy the corn and snakes to become doubly dangerous. Eagle songs were only sung after the snakes had “gone to sleep for the winter.” Only great warriors or medicine men could wear the feathers.”


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An owl is the bearer of bad news. The number seven (which I have as a birth mark on my pelvic bone) represents the seven clans of the Cherokee people and these are: Bird, Deer, Wolf, Longhair, Wild Potato, Blue, and Paint. Plants with leaves that stay green all year, like cedar, pine, spruce, laurel and holly trees, have very special powers. It is believed these plants did not sleep for seven nights during the creation. They are some of the most important plants for medicine and ceremonies.

Here’s a site with lots more info.

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